120 Classic Kannada Baby Names Boys and Girls with Meanings

120 Classic Kannada Baby Names Boys and Girls with Meanings

Names hold significant meaning and often accompany individuals throughout their lives. Therefore, it is only natural to desire a unique and pleasing name for your child. Whether you prefer creative, trendy, classic, or traditional options, we present to you a curated list of baby names in the Kannada language. This collection encompasses various categories to cater to diverse preferences. Explore and discover the perfect name for your little one.

Classic Kannada Baby Names Boys and Girls with Meanings
Classic Kannada Baby Names Boys and Girls with Meanings

Certainly! Here is a list of 100 classic Kannada baby names for boys and girls, along with their meanings:

60 Classic Kannada Baby Names Boys with Meanings

  1. Arjun: Bright and shining
  2. Aditya: Sun
  3. Abhinav: Innovative or young
  4. Akash: Sky
  5. Chetan: Perceptive or conscious
  6. Darshan: Vision or sight
  7. Deepak: Lamp or light
  8. Ganesh: Lord Ganesha
  9. Harsha: Happiness
  10. Karthik: A Hindu month or name of Lord Muruga
  11. Kiran: Ray of light
  12. Lokesh: Lord of the world
  13. Madhav: Lord Krishna
  14. Naveen: New or fresh
  15. Prakash: Light or radiance
  16. Rahul: Efficient or conqueror of miseries
  17. Ravi: Sun
  18. Sanjay: Victorious or triumphant
  19. Shashank: Moon or moonlight
  20. Vinay: Humility or modesty
  21. Abhijit: Victorious or successful
  22. Anand: Joy or bliss
  23. Chaitanya: Consciousness or awareness
  24. Darshan: Philosophy or vision
  25. Devraj: King of gods or celestial king
  26. Gautam: Bright light or enlightenment
  27. Hemanth: Winter or cold season
  28. Jayanth: Victorious or triumphant
  29. Kiran: Ray of light or sunbeam
  30. Mahesh: Lord Shiva
  31. Manoj: Born of the mind or Cupid
  32. Niranjan: Pure or spotless
  33. Pramod: Happiness or delight
  34. Rajesh: King of kings or ruler
  35. Sachin: Pure or essence
  36. Siddharth: One who has attained enlightenment
  37. Suraj: Sun or sunshine
  38. Umesh: Lord Shiva
  39. Varun: Lord of the water or rain
  40. Yashwanth: One with glory or fame
  41. Adarsh: Ideal or perfect
  42. Akshay: Indestructible or eternal
  43. Bharath: India or nation
  44. Chandra: Moon or shining
  45. Darshan: Blessing or divine vision
  46. Gopal: Cowherd or protector of cows
  47. Hitesh: Lord of goodness or virtue
  48. Jagadish: Lord of the universe
  49. Karan: Instrument or vehicle
  50. Keshav: Lord Krishna
  51. Madhu: Sweet or honey
  52. Naresh: King or ruler
  53. Prithvi: Earth or the world
  54. Raghu: Swift or quick
  55. Sachin: Pure or true
  56. Sanjay: Triumphant or victorious
  57. Sharath: Autumn or season
  58. Tarun: Youth or young
  59. Uday: Sunrise or dawn
  60. Vikram: Valor or bravery

60 Classic Kannada Baby Names Girls with Meanings

  1. Aishwarya: Prosperity or wealth
  2. Amrutha: Immortal or nectar
  3. Ananya: Unique or unparalleled
  4. Bhavana: Meditation or contemplation
  5. Deepika: Lamp or light
  6. Devika: Little goddess
  7. Gauri: Fair or beautiful
  8. Harini: Deer or one who brings happiness
  9. Ishita: Desired or cherished
  10. Kavya: Poetry or poetic
  11. Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth and prosperity
  12. Manasa: Mind or intellect
  13. Nandita: Cheerful or happy
  14. Pooja: Worship or prayer
  15. Radhika: Successful or prosperous
  16. Roshni: Light or brightness
  17. Shwetha: White or pure
  18. Sushma: Beautiful or good-looking
  19. Trisha: Wish or desire
  20. Vaishnavi: Devotee of Lord Vishnu
  21. Akshara: Eternal or imperishable
  22. Anusha: Beautiful morning or dawn
  23. Ashwini: Horse tamer or swift
  24. Divya: Divine or celestial
  25. Gayathri: Sacred verse or mantra
  26. Hemalatha: Golden creeper or vine
  27. Janani: Mother or giver of life
  28. Kavya: Poem or poetic
  29. Leela: Divine play or pastime
  30. Megha: Cloud or rain
  31. Nandini: Delightful or pleasing
  32. Pavana: Pure or sacred
  33. Pragathi: Progress or advancement
  34. Rashi: Zodiac sign or constellation
  35. Sandhya: Twilight or evening
  36. Shruti: Vedic text or melody
  37. Tejaswini: Radiant or luminous
  38. Varsha: Rain or monsoon
  39. Vidya: Knowledge or wisdom
  40. Yashaswini: Victorious or successful
  41. Akshara: Letter or alphabet
  42. Anagha: Sinless or pure
  43. Asha: Hope or aspiration
  44. Devi: Goddess or divine
  45. Gayatri: Sacred mantra or hymn
  46. Ishwari: Goddess or supreme ruler
  47. Kavya: Artistic or poetic
  48. Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth and prosperity
  49. Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna
  50. Neha: Love or affection
  51. Pooja: Worship or ritual
  52. Radha: Beloved of Lord Krishna
  53. Sangeetha: Music or melody
  54. Shwetha: Pure or white
  55. Sneha: Affection or love
  56. Trisha: Thirst or desire
  57. Vaishali: Historical city in India
  58. Varsha: Rain or shower
  59. Vrinda: Tulsi or sacred basil
  60. Yashasvi: Successful or accomplished