Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings -

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

A Magical List of Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

Many Disney classics such as Aladdin and Little Mermaid are familiar to us all. Didn’t we? If you love your children so much, why not name your baby with Disney baby names? Disney names are not only adorable and will be treasured for a lifetime, but they also represent amazing traits.

You can see it in the quick-wittedness and faith displayed by Anna in Frozen, Mulan’s bravery, or Alladin’s quick-wittedness!

Many parents desire their children to be as beautiful, bright, and strong, like these Disney characters. We have something for you if you’re one of them! We have compiled a list with the 50 best Disney-inspired baby names for boys, girls, and twins.

Here are some tips to help you choose a name for your baby:

It is an important decision in your personal and professional life. Your baby will need to remember it throughout his or her entire life. Before naming your baby, it is important to consider these aspects:

  • First, choose the initials for your baby’s name. Some people prefer their child’s name to begin with an A or K initial. Others choose an initial that matches the Janma Nakshatra, or the birth star.
  • Instead of following blindly the trends, choose a name that fits into one of these categories: ancestor’s, cultural or religion-inspired, favorite personalities, movie characters, colors, etc.
  • It is important that the name sounds natural and is easy to pronounce. Lengthy and difficult-to-pronounce names might prove troublesome to your kid in the future.
  • Don’t forget the significance of the name! It is important to ensure that the name has a meaningful meaning. Before you pick a name, make sure to examine whether it has negative connotations or meanings in other cultures.
  • Be aware of the nicknames that your child may earn by sharing the name. Names such as Corona (yes, they are popular among parents) can make you regret making the decision.

50 Disney-Inspired Baby Names For Kids

Below is a list with 50 Disney-themed baby names that you can use for your little princesses and princes.

Names of Disney Characters for Boys With Meanings

These are the top 20 Disney-inspired names for baby boy boys.

1. Akela:

Akela, the leader and founder of the wolf pack, is a minor character in Disney’s “Jungle King”. Akela, Mowgli’s mentor, is a true fighter. This character is strong in many aspects, including leadership, gentlemanlikeness and virtuousness.

2. Bruce:

Bruce is a great-white shark in Disney’s animated movie “Finding Nemo”. He is a cheerful person and very honest with his family. Bruce can, however, be a deadly killer when his instincts tell him something is wrong.

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

3. Christopher:

Christopher Robin is the name given to a boy character in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Christopher was a small boy who loved to play with his toys and create a fantasy world. The best qualities are imagination, innocence, and purity.

4. David:

David Kawena plays a supporting role in Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch”. He is Lilo’s friend and a great surfer. David is very kind and patient. He is a charming and affectionate character, despite his inept personality.

5. Donald:

Donald is a popular Disney-themed baby boy name. Donald Duck is a charming character from Walt Disney that entertains with his humorous voice and actions.

6. Eric:

Prince Eric, a handsome young prince from Disney’s “Little Mermaid”, is named. Eric is a loyal lover and a passionate sailor. Eric possesses many traits such as dedication, physical strength, and an active, energetic nature.

7. Flynn:

Flynn, a Disney-inspired male name, is also worth consideration. Flynn Rider is a Disney character from “Tangled”. His character is an amalgamation of charm, quick-wittedness, and adventure.

8. Hans:

In Disney’s “Frozen”, Prince Hans is first in love with Anna. Hans is smart, handsome, and sharp-witted. His name means “Gift Of God” in Scandinavian. This is perfect for your little one.

9. Harris:

Harris is one of three brothers to Princess Merida’s triplets in Disney’s animated movie “Brave”. The red-headed boy is super cute and loves to play tricks on people. One interpretation of Harris in medieval English is “ruler”. This is what you want for your child to become?

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

10. Jasper:

Jasper is a great Disney-themed baby boy name. It’s the name of an antagonist character from Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”. Jasper, a Persian word meaning “treasurer”, is the Persian-derived name Jasper.

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

11. Kristoff:

Kristoff is the most beloved Disney male character from “Frozen”. This name is loved by parents because it reflects very positive traits. Kristoff is a straightforward guy who has a helping nature. He’s a little lazy, but he’s very lovable!

12. Lawrence:

Walt Disney’s antagonist Lawrence is another character. The Prince feels betrayed by this chubby villain in “The Princess and the Frog”. The word Lawrence has a good meaning. Latin names mean “Bright one” or “Shining one”.

13. Mufasa:

Mufasa, the “Lion King”, is one of Disney’s most influential male characters. Mufasa is the king of Pride Lands and an inspirational character with great leadership skills. He is a strong personality who protects his family members. Swahili’s Mufasa is “King”.

14. Naveen:

Prince Naveen is a key character in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”. He believes in the expression, “Live your life to its fullest”. Named “Naveen”, the Sanskrit language means “fresh, young, and bright”.

15. Olaf:

Olaf, a charming character from Disney’s Frozen, is adorable. Because of his adorable personality, this cute snowman is almost unaffected by hate. The Old Nordic language’s name Olaf means “ancestor’s relic”, and is the origin of the word “Olaf”.

16. Pascal:

Pascal is Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Disney’s animated movie “Tangled”. Pascal is a small but loyal friend and companion, despite his tiny size. Pascal is a Mexican term that means “Easter Child”, and Blaise Pascal, a famed mathematician.

17. Philip:

Phillip is an important character in Disney’s classic film “The Sleeping Beauty”. He is a charming and brave prince who discovers true love in a commoner. Philip is a Greek term that means “Fonds of horses”.

18. Roger:

Roger is an excellent choice to name baby boys with the Disney theme. Roger Radcliffe, a gentle and kind-hearted character in “101 Dalmatians”, is an example of this. This German name is derived from the English word “famous spearman”.

19. Sebastian:

Sebastian is the name given to one of the main characters in Disney’s “Little Mermaid”. It is a red crab that is loyal and a friend of Ariel. Sebastian, a Greek word of Greek origin that means “highly respected”, is Sebastian.

20. Timothy:

Timothy is a Disney-Disney sweet mouse named “Dumbo.” He is Dumbo’s mentor and friend. One cannot help but admire its Brooklyn accent. Timothy is a Greek-language speaker that means “honouring God”.

The Best Disney Girl Names With Meanings

Let’s now take a look at the top 20 Disney movie-inspired baby names for girls:

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

21. Ariel:

Ariel, Disney’s “Little Mermaid,” a beautiful princess from the undersea realm is called Ariel. Her sweet voice and positive temperament are what make her so beloved. Ariel, a Hebrew name that means “lion of God”, is also a Hebrew word. Ariel is a beautiful Disney name for your baby girl, regardless of its meaning or character.

22. Anna:

Anna is the Queen Of Arendelle and Elsa’s sister in Disney’s “Frozen”. She is friendly, optimistic, and has a never-give up attitude. Anna, which means “Grace” Hebrew-speak, is her meaning.

23. Belle:

Belle, a Disney-inspired female name, is named after Princess Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. She is courageous and confident, and doesn’t judge people based on their appearance. Belle, a French word that means “beautiful”, is the French name.

24. Charlotte:

Charlotte, from “The Princess & the Frog”, is another lovely Disney name. She is a true diva who prefers lavish lifestyles. Named after English roots, it is believed that the name derives from the word “Charles”, which roughly means “free woman”.

25. Daisy:

Daisy, Donald duck’s girlfriend, is an adorable Disney character. Daisy is a glamour queen who loves to show off her style. Daisy, an old English name that means “day’s eyes”, is also meaningful.

26. Elsa:

Name your winter-born daughter Elsa if she is one of the following: Disney’s frozen series features Elsa, a snow queen with magical powers that can control snow. Elsa derives partly from Elizabeth, which means “God is perfection”.

27. Jasmine:

Name your girl Jasmine if you want her to be independent and strong as a young woman. Jasmine is the princess in Disney’s Aladdin who longs for freedom. Jasmine is a Persian word that means delicate white flowers.

28. Jane:

Jane Porter is a young charming lady from Disney’s Tarzan film. Jane is a sweet and short Disney-inspired baby name that little girls can choose. This name is partly inspired by God and has some biblical meanings.

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

29. Kiara:

Kiara, The Lion King’s lion Princess, is a great choice if you are looking for a Disney Princess Name. Kira, the daughter of Simba (and Nala), is a lover of adventure. Kiara means light in Italian. It can also be translated as dark or dusky in other cultures.

30. Leah:

Leah is another Disney-inspired baby girl. Queen Leah, the mother of Aurora in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, is known as Queen Leah. This Hebrew name means “pretty girl”.

31. Merida:

Merida isn’t your typical Disney princess. Merida is strong-headed, rebellious and rough. Merida is a fitting name for young girls who become strong women. Merida, a Latin name that means “one who has attained a high honor”, is Merida.

32. Mulan:

Mulan, another Disney princess, is known for her courage and self-reliance. Mulan, a five-letter word, can be used to name your child. Mulan, a Chinese term that means “wood orchid”, is Mulan.

33. Miranda:

Miranda is Sofia’s mother. She is gentle and friendly. The Latin name for this Disney-themed female name is translated to English.
“To be marvelled at”

34. Nala:

Nala, the brave lioness from Disney’s “Lion King”, is Simba’s best friend and best friend. She is a symbol of true friendship and family values. Nala is a great name choice for your baby girls. It translates to “queen”, and “successful women” in Swahili.

35. Olivia:

Olivia is a prominent female character in Disney’s animated series “The Mouse Detective”. It is suitable for girls because it means “Olive Tree” Latin, which is a symbol of prosperity and peace.

36. Perdita:

Perdita, a Disney-inspired name for baby girls, is another option. It’s a character from ‘101 Dalmatians’. Latin origins translate to ‘lost’.

37. Pearl:

In Disney’s “Finding Nemo”, Pearl is a pink octopus. Her famous dialogue, “Aww you guys made me ink”, raised her popularity. Even if it isn’t, Pearl is a wonderful name for little girls because it sounds good and has meaning.

38. Sofia:

Sofia, a Disney character that is beloved and the main protagonist in “Sofia The First”, is Sofia. She is a symbol of kindness and compassion that every girl should strive to attain. Sofia, a Greek name meaning “wisdom”, is Sofia.

39. Tiana:

Tiana is a Disney princess who has a sweet and kind nature. This five-letter word sounds elegant and sophisticated. It is translated to “Princess” by Latin and Russian languages.

Disney Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

40. Vanessa:

Although you might not like Ursula, the Little Mermaid’s heroine, her human counterpart ‘Vanessa’ is irresistible. Named “Vanessa”, the name means “Of Venus”, the God of Love in Latin.

Five Unisex Baby Names Inspired by Disney Movies

Are you unsure about your unborn child’s gender? You want a name that is universally appropriate for both genders? Here’s a list with Disney-themed gender neutral baby names

41. Remy:

Remy, the mouse, plays the main character in Disney’s “Ratatouille”. He believes in big dreams and hard work to fulfill his passion. Remy, a French name that is gender neutral and means “remedy”, translates to “remedy”.

42. Fagin:

Fagin, a Disney character from “Oliver and Company”, is a criminal but he’s a kind-hearted and good-hearted man. Fagin, an Irish word that means “little ardent” is derived from the Irish word for “little one”. It is suitable for both boys and girls because it has a gender-neutral meaning.

43. Taran:

Taran, a Disney-inspired unisex baby name that means “thunder”, is Taran. Taran is the name for the main character in Disney’s “The Black Cauldron”.

44. Coco:

Coco is the main character of Disney’s emotional film “Coco”. It is essentially a synonym for “chocolate” and “cocoa beans”.

45. Sarabhi:

Sarabhi plays Mufasa as Mufasa’s wife in Disney’s “Lion King”. She is a loving wife and protective mother. Sarabhi can be used to name both genders because of its neutral meaning. Swahili means “mirage”.

Five Best Names for Twins With Disney Theme

Are you blessed with twins? These are the best Disney-related names for your little cutie-pies.

46. Huey and Dewey

You can name your twin boys “Hewey” and “Dewey” from Disney’s Donald Duck series if you have twins. They are both smart and naughty at the same moment!

47. Mickey and Donald

Mickey and Donald are two of the most famous characters from Walt Disney Company, which can be used as twin names. It doesn’t get any better than this!

48. Minnie and Daisy

Minnie and Daisy are the leading female characters in Disney cartoons. These young, charming ladies are Mickey and Donald’s girlfriends.

49. Emira and Edric

Emira is a sister to Edric from Disney’s “The Owl House”. Both have the identical sounds and begin with the same letter, “E”.

50. Alice and Aurora

Alice and Aurora are another great combination of twin girls, and they play the leading roles in Alice in Wonderland as well as Sleeping Beauty.

These are some of the most Disney-inspired baby names you can choose from for girls, boys and twins. Disney characters are charming, fun and charming. They also have personalities that reflect real people. If you’re looking for entertainment, magic, and great baby names, Disney is the ultimate destination.

Disclaimer This article is intended for informational purposes only. These views and opinions are solely the author’s. It is up to the reader to verify that information is accurate.