6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls And Meanings -

6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls And Meanings

6 Letter Baby Names: Elegant 6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls

The search for the suitable name for your baby is a significant step. It requires an enormous amount of work and investigation. It’s a bit of a challenge, but here’s the answer If you’re thinking to name your baby using six letters We are here to assist you. This comprehensive guide on baby names with six letters will be helpful to you.

From sweet and delightful names to powerful and profound timeless names This alphabetical list of baby names can meet your requirements. Take a look, and then take a an eye!

Unique And Modern Six Letter Baby Names And Meanings

We cannot stop gush over these amazing awesome names that have 6 letters. Names with six letters include names that are popular and names that are unique and unique, as well as popular in the current selections. Why not? Go through them!

6 Letter Names For Baby Boys:

Here are our top picks for baby boy names that start with 6 letters. names.

1. Casper:

Casper originates originated from Dutch origins. It is a person that is treasurer, or keeper of secrets. Although the name itself has the most unique concept, we love the fact that it sounds distinct and gorgeous. This name has also become popular across other European regions.

2. Horace:

This is something to think about that you should consider: have you ever heard the name Horace? It’s timeless and is the most rare name that one could ever come up with. Horace refers to timekeeper. It is also inspired by the character from Harry Potter. Harry Potter series. We’re betting your child will love this name.

3. Jeremy:

Jeremy is actually an actual Biblical as well as a Hebrew name. It is a variant and modern-day version of Jeremiah. But, this six-letter boy’s name is well-known for its meaning that of a person with an oblation.

4. Monroe:

Monroe is one of the Scottish name. It translates to’mouth of an river. It is also seen the famous name of the Hollywood actresses, making it an unisex option for those seeking a distinctive name.

5. Travis:

Travis is an English name in English. It means crossing. Although the exact origins of the name have not been known, we are awed by the way it sounds distinctive and elegant in the same breath.

6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls And Meanings

6. Nelson:

If we take into consideration the Biblical origins for the name Nelson is a reference to’son of Neil. The truth is the times are awash with popularity, the six letters names are well-known, and many know this name in connection with the well-known personality Nelson Mandela.

7. Jayden:

Jayden is a synonym for grateful. It has become an enthralling name in recent times. However, its roots can be traced to Hebrew and the old testament in the first place it was discovered.

8. Archie:

We’ve heard of this name on numerous news channels, especially with the popularity of our celebrities. Prince Harry and Megan named their child Archie. Archie signifies truly brave.

9. Magnus:

Are you aware that Magnus is one of the top ten most popular names from the past few years that are trending in Norway and Denmark? Magnus is the title of a King there, and later it gained popularity not only in these regions, but all over the world.

10. Rupert:

Rupert means bright fame. The 6 letter name for a male is a popular and appealing choice for a name in Britain and the surrounding regions as well as in the United States. We also have an actor who is famous with the name. Do you remember Ruper Grint? He is the most well-known name of Ron from Harry Potter. Harry Potter series.

11. Adrian:

Adrian is a word that has roots in Latin. It is a Latin word meaning’sea’ or ‘water. Many also believe that it is a shorthand or a variation of the full term, Adrianus.

12. Jaxon:

Jaxon is a modern day version to the original name Jackson. It is an American name and also comes originated from Hebrew which means God has been generous. It’s a wonderful name for our baby boy.

13. Kayden:

It’s a variation from the term Cadan in the Bible and the modern interpretation is a reference to a son of battle. This is exciting and unique, which is why that we are in love with this adorable, adorable name.

14. Damien:

In Greek roots, Damien means a powerful man among all people. Daman is a word that means powerful, while demos refers to people, hence its meaning.

15. Thiago:

Thiago is an uncommon name that many have not heard of, and signifies’may God protect. These six letters of boys’ names are of Latin roots, but it’s a unique and uncommon name that is not seen frequently.

16. Lucian:

Lucian means light. It also symbolizes the light of hope, rays as well as the sun and the bright side of life. Parents who focus on positive light and be true to the goodness in their lives should not be left out of this specialness. Aren’t you impressed?

17. Adonis:

Adonis means lord. Many believe it’s derived from Mesopotamian mythology. But the word “adonis” in Greek Adonis is also a handsome, attractive man. Whatever the source of both meanings, we are in love with both What is your opinion?

18. Zander:

Zander is from Greek origin. It is well-known and enduring today across Western countries as well as South Asia and other Asian regions. Zander refers to the Defender of the people.

19. Fabien:

Fabien is a shorthand and modern-day version to the name Fabianus. It is an old and very old name, widely used in Rome as well as Italy. It is a reference to a bean cultivator.

20. Walter:

Walter is among the most ancient names. It is an old name that is well-known across the years and across regions. It is a reference to ‘ruler of the army. There were many in the royal family into the European regions also had this name.

Names for Baby Girl 6 Letters with meanings:

Our top picks for names for six letter baby girls include,

21. Ramona:

Ramona could have originally from its Spanish regions. However, it has since gained popularity across English areas , and even in America too. Ramon is a reference to a wise protector. It’s a good name, and is a great name to play around with!

22. Chiara:

Chiara can be pronounced kee’-ah-rah. It’s quite a cute and unique sounding name that is used by many people around the world and the pronunciation is very popular in Europe. It’s a word that means brightness and light.

23. Sophia:

A different variation to Sofia is that it is one of the most popular names for babies currently in the western world , but as well within Asian countries. Sofia is a reference to wisdom.

24. Amelia:

Amelia We are in love with the originality, rarity, and stunning sound of the name. It’s a royal surname and comes from the in the Victorian period. The name is synonymous with hard work.

25. Cheryl:

Cheryl is a word that means a child who is loved by everyone. While the roots of the name aren’t completely evident, it has been well-known across areas like the US in the US and English regions from the 1950s until today. This six-letter feminine baby name is beautiful, yet a beautiful name isn’t it?

26. Nicole:

Nicole refers to victory of the people. The name has Greek origins but nowadays millions of people around the world and especially Christians like this meaningful and unique name.

6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls And Meanings

27. Amanda:

In the present, we know Amanda. Amanda which is a well-known character in a variety of films and TV shows. Amanda means lovable. Amanda is a popular word in the world of literature and has roots in a variety of areas of Europe. The distinctive, stunning sound, and significant name makes it a very popular option for parents of all ages.

28. Alicia:

Alicia means noble birth. It is an ancient name with origins in Spanish as well as German. The 6 letters female name is now well-known throughout the world for their beautiful meaning and pronunciation.

29. Monica:

We’ve all heard of this name from the most loved and well-known show, Friends! Monica is a reference to advice. The word originates both Latin in addition to North African regions. The different variants of the name are Mona as well as Monika.

30. Tamara:

Tamara is a reference to a date tree also known as a palm tree. Tamara is the name of a palm tree or date tree. It is a Biblical name with a biblical origin but it has become a cult name around the world. It also represents the beauty and the fullness of the tree.

31. Sabira:

Sabira can be described as an Arabic and Middle-eastern name that has beautiful meaning. It is a word that means patience. Its simplicity, coupled with its the deep and profound meaning as well as its amazing pronunciation make the name a favorite as well!

32. Gloria:

Gloria literally means beauty and glory. Many believe that the origins of the word to be in Latin but it also represents glory, immortal honor and praise. We are in love with the positive energy associated with the name as well as its significance!

33. Brenda:

Brenda means sword. It’s an ancient and long-standing Nordic name that has its origins in the past. But, in modern times we can often notice the name becoming popular in America and Asia. It’s a female variant of the masculine name Brandr.

34. Sheryl:

We’re in awe of the unique and beautiful tone. Sheryl. It is a reference to Dear. It’s a simple, elegant name that is also filled with affection. Sheryl is a name that has English roots.

35. Kristi:

Kristi refers to the word “follower. While the roots of the word are derived from Latin origin, meaning followers of Christ The contemporary meaning is determined to be followers and is widely used all over the world.

36. Naledi:

Naledi means a star. It also signifies sparkle and beauty. It also symbolizes sparks. It’s an lovely and gorgeous African name that we truly love!

37. Silvia:

Silvia Silvia, that is a variant of Sylvia which means forest. The name is a reflection of the beauty of nature, greenery and nature. The name is a relic of nature and is rooted to English in addition to Latin and is also mythologically linked with the God who is the God of the Forest.

38. Helena:

Helena is a Latin word meaning radiant. It is a Greek-derived name, and is a feminine variant from the Greek name Helen.

39. Regina:

Regina means a queen. It is a name that has royal connotations and is widely used throughout the world. It originates from the Latin region. It also signifies and connects to fame and power.

40. Zuleka:

Zuleka has an Arabic poetic name that means beautiful and stunning. Other variants of the name are Zuleyka, Zuleykha, and Zuleikha.

Indian Six Letter Baby Boy And Girl Names:

41. Aadesh:

Aadesh also an alternative to the name Adesh refers to a message, or command and the command. The 6 letters Hindu baby boy name is well-known in the Northern region of India.

42. Zuhair:

Zuhair, which is a word in the Indian language, is a word that means to shine or bloom. Zuhair is the pan Indian popular name for males and comes from the Hindi language.

43. Zarman:

Zarman is taken in the Parsi language, which translates to the word “old age” or “timeless.. It is very popular in the western part in India and later, it was adopted from various other South Asian countries too.

44. Yuvesh:

Yuvesh is derived from Hindi mythological roots and is a reference to a young or young Lord. It also represents being fresh and traditional. We like the concept What do you think?

6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls And Meanings

6 Letter Names for Boys & Girls And Meanings

45. Tharun:

Tharun is the name given to God. It comes of Sanskrit and is a different form of Tarun. It also refers to sun light and radiations.

46. Svaksh:

Svaksh and can be spelled as Swaksh which means beautiful eyed or someone who appears attractive. It has Sanskrit roots and is a very contemporary and modern name for kids of this generation.

47. Sulekh:

Sulekh refers to something that is exquisitely written. While it’s a trendy alternative for many living in the region in Orissa and Bengal It is derived from the Hindi language.

48. Sravan:

It is a very well-known and classic Indian traditional name for parents of all ages. Sravan is a character from Ramayan Mythology and is popular across pan India. It denotes friendship.

49. Shubam:

Shubam is a synonym for good beginnings as well as good fortune as well as good-will wishes. It is literally translated from that Hindi phrase, Shubam, in India. This is a very popular name that is used in both the south and north Indian languages.

50. Chaman:

Chaman is the word for Lord of Earth. It was derived and originated in Sanskrit which is an distinct and uncommon name for young boys.

51. Aadhya:

Aadhya name comes of Sanskrit as well as a well-known name option among South Indians. But, these six letter names of recent times have been gaining growing popularity across the nation. Aadhya signifies first power.

52. Deenal:

Deenal is a name that originates from Aryan times and signifies sweet. It is a wonderful and distinctive name for the many girls who are born in the present day.

53. Dhvani:

Dhvani is also able to be spelled as Dhwani is a reference to sounds or even noise. It could also represent the sound of a sweet melody. It comes in Sanskrit as well. It is also a distinctive and sweet choice of tone to name a baby girl.

54. Gomati:

Gomati refers to a river. It also refers to”milky” in different languages. Its roots are Hindi and Sanskrit and is a very popular, traditional pan Indian name.

55. Hasini:

Hasini refers to someone who is always joyful or happy. It is a gorgeous and deep meaning name originates from Sanskrit and we love the way it sounds!

56. Indira:

It’s a very well-known Indian girl’s name that has been around for ages as well as the past however it’s an extremely popular option. Indira means Goddess Lakshmi. It is a popular word and comes in Sanskrit in addition to Aryan.

57. Yasoda:

The name Yasoda which can also be pronounced Yashoda is derived in the Hindy Mythology and is the name of Lord Krishna’s mother. It’s a gorgeous and timeless choice of name even in the present!

58. Javana:

Javana in Sanskrit signifies one who is quick swift and quick. The name and the meaning are unique, rare and extremely captivating to listen to What do you consider?

59. Malati:

Malati is a Japanese word meaning jasmine flower. It’s a classic and old-fashioned name, but popular even in the present. The six letters Hindu names for baby girls comes out of an ancient Sanskrit language.

60. Vanika:

Vanika refers to a tiny forest or a beautiful forest. It comes of the Sanskrit language, where Vana is a word for forest, and ika sounds feminine. word.

The six letter names for baby options include traditional, old-fashioned, and beautiful and also modern trendy and rare names. We hope that you find these names useful, as well as their meanings and the origins.


The names mentioned above and their meanings could change and shift according to the various communities, cultures or regions as well as languages. Be sure to verify and research prior to making a decision on the baby’s name.