Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls -

Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls Best Taurus Zodiac Baby Names

Rashi Names hold a lot of significance in Indian Astrology. There is a belief that calling a child according to Zodiac rules can bring luck and happiness in the world. Today, we’ll explore Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names, that are suitable for babies birthed under Krittika Nakshatra (2,3,4 Padas), Rohini Nakshatra (4 Padas) and Mrigashira Nakshatra (1,2 Padas).

Let’s first take a look at the Vrishabha The Alphabets (phonic noises) in these Nakshatras:

  • Krittika Nakshatra: Ae, Ai, Ee, Aa, A
  • Rohini Nakshatra: O, Va, Vaa, Vi, Vee, Vu, Voo, Wa, Wu
  • Mrigashira Nakshatra: Ve, Vo, Ka, Kaa, Ki Kee, We, Wo

55 Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

If you’re looking for names that are modern and meaningful for infants that were born Vrishabha Rasi, then read on:

20 Vrishabha Rasi Names for Baby Boys:

The boys that are born into Vrishabha Rasi are believed to exhibit traits such as independence, love of freedom, and determination. Here’s a list of the names of Taurus born boys, with meanings and symbolic meanings which perfectly reflect their personalities:

1. Ainesh:

Aineshis sweet and sweet Vrishabha Name for males in Rashi that originates by the Sanskrit language. The meaning of the word refers to “Sun’s glory”, which symbolizes energy, brightness as well as supreme strength and leadership traits.

2. Aeyush:

“Aeyush” is a name that means “long life” “Aeyush” is a contemporary version of the Sanskrit word “Aayush” which means “long life”. It’s a meaningful name for babies that were born during Krithika Nakshatra, which has three vowels.

3. Aakash:

Aakash is an Hindu name that is used for the boys who were born within Vrishabha Rashi. It originates from Sanskrit and has many meanings. Aakash refers to “sky”, “openness” as well as “space” and is also symbolically used to symbolize the vastness of space, big heart and kindness, among others.

4. Aadipta:

If you’re in search of an original Vrishabha Rashi baby name that has an important meaning, consider Aadipta. It is a name that has roots in the Sanskrit language and translates to “set of fire”,” bright”, “blazing”, “splendid”, “brilliant” etc.

5. Aadiv:

Aadiv is a gorgeous baby boy’s name, which translates to “delicate”. It doesn’t mean physical weakness but rather an easy nature, gentleness and compassion towards other people. The abbreviated version of the name is “Aadi” which is related to Lord Shiva.

6. Aiden:

Aiden is an Irish name that has an eulogy to the Bible. But, the neutral nature of this contemporary Vrishabha Rashi baby boy’s name is relevant in India. Aiden refers to “fiery one”, “fire” or “intelligence”.

7. Airish:

Airish can mean many things across various religions and cultures. Within its Hindu meaning, Airish means “cool” or “pleasant nature”. It is a fitting name for people who want their child to be calm and collected even in the most difficult situations.

8. Ojas:

Ojas can be described as an Indian origin name that is used for males born into Vrishabha rashi. The sweet and short name has a strong meaning, too. Ojas refers to “strong one.”
Also known as “one who is full of light”. It symbolizes both physical and spiritual strength, and is an ideal combination to gain over the course of a lifetime.

9. Omish:

If you’re looking for an appropriate name that is religious for Hindu baby boys, consider Omish. Omish is a composite word made from Om and Eesh which means “Lord of Om,” i.e., Lord Shiva. It is possible to refer to him as “Om” as a nickname.

10. Vaayun:

Vaayun is a charming male baby name that was born in the city of Rohini Nakshatra. It comes in the Sanskrit language, and can have multiple meanings, such as “God”, “Lively”, “Active”, “Clear”, “Moving” etc. In short, the name signifies the ability to move and energy.

11. Vaidesh:

The word Vaidesh is a part of the Hindu religion, and originates from the Sanskrit language. It is roughly translated to “one who is a part of the sacred knowledge” which refers to the sacred Vedas, and Upanishads. The most appropriate alternative to the term can be “Vaidish” which means “Lord of Holy Books”.

12. Veekshit:

Veekshit is a well-known name for Indian babies who were born within Vrishabha Rashi. It signifies “Brave” or in other situations “Growing up. The name has three letters and is appropriate for people that were raised in Mrigashira Nakshatram.

13. Voumik:

Voumik is a contemporary-sounding Vrishabha Rashi baby boy’s name that translates to “Earthy Love”. It also represents keeping good relations with your family and friends and displaying all the positive characteristics required for an excellent human being. Simple name, deep meaning!

14. Vedanth:

Vedanth is an Hindu name for babies that originates from the Sanskrit language. It is derived from 2 terms “Veda” and “Anth” which refers to “End of Vedas” when you reach”The Ultimate Wisdom” “Ultimate Wisdom”.

15. Kaanha:

Many parents believe their child is a reincarnation Lord Krishna. Many parents refer to their children “Kaanha” which means “Young Krishna”. In fact, it could be the name as well as the nickname for your child sweet Krishna.

16. Kairabh:

While the word Kairabh is modern and stylish however, it has a long mythological connection. Its literal definition of the term refers to “one who is born from lotus”. In the religion of Hinduism, Lord Brahma was born from the Lotus flower, which suggests the fact that Kairabh could be one of his numerous names. Thus, the name Kairabh is an ideal blend of tradition and modernity.

17. Kiaan:

Kiaan is a Hindi word for boys who are just born. It’s a term that means “by the grace of God”. In different instances, Kiaan also means “one that is ancient or distant”. The name is composed of three syllables which makes it a great choice for people who are looking for an adorable and short name.

18. Kireeti:

Kireeti is a different name given to Arjuna the legendary warrior of Mahabharata. It is derived by virtue of his crown (kireet) given to Arjuna from Lord Indra. It’s a short but powerful name for a young child born within Vrishabha rasi.

Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

19. Keethan:

The baby boy’s name that has not only a beautiful sound but also an interesting meaning. Keethan is a reference to “Holy song”, and the other variation (in the sense of significance) could be Keerthan.

Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

20. Waman:

Waman is the spelling variation name that is a variant spelling of “Vaman”, an Avtar of Lord Vishnu. It is a name that is often used by those who are searching for a name that starts with “W” but have trouble finding the correct one.

Top 20 Baby Names for Vrishabha Rashi Born Girls:

If you’d like your delicate feldgeling to develop into an independent, strong and strong woman These Vrishabha baby names will help you get there. Find the meanings of the names and names below:

21. Aabheri:

Aabheri is an enchanting names for women born into Vrishabha Rashi. It comes in Sanskrit as well as the title used for the Raga within Classical music. If you want your young musician to be a star in the near future then this is the perfect name to choose!

22. Aadhya:

Aadhya is an incredibly significant name given to girls that were born into Vrishabha Rashi. It is among the many names associated with the goddess Durga which is known as “Aadi Shakti” or “The First Divine Form”. Incredibly, there’s an expression that is part of the African language known as Aadya which translates to “a gift”. No matter if Indian or African the name is an appropriate one to your daughter.

23. Aesha:

Aesha frequently misunderstood with Eesha is pronounced “Aa-Esha”. Its literal definition of the term means “one who is full of life”. The term is often used in Hindi spoken communities.

24. Aishiki:

If you and your spouse are both fervent worshippers in the religion of Shiva, Aishiki is the ideal name for your daughter. Why? The meaning behind this term refers to “one who belongs to Shiva” or, in other words, “Parvati”. This word also suggests reverence, divinity, etc.

25. Aisiri:

Aisiri is a distinctive name that girls are born into Vrishabha rashi. It refers to “wealth” or “prosperity”. It is likely to be found with the word “prosperity” throughout South Indian regions like Karnataka. The name of this name could mean “Siri” which also means prosperity.

26. Ojaswini:

Ojaswini is another gorgeous name for girls who were born within Rohini Nakshatram. The meaning of the word refers to “Lustrous” or “one who shines”. There is a belief that those who carry this title are generally very optimistic and knowledgeable.

27. Ovi:

A sweet and short nickname of you Vrishabha Rashi birth baby could take the form of “Ovi”. It is a part of the Marathi tradition, where Ovi is the holy message that a saint gives to his followers. The two-syllable word is also simple to write and pronounce.

28. Vaanmayi:

If you’re searching to find a new name for your child that is also in line with Hindu customs, consider Vaanmayi. The word is ascribed to “Goddess Saraswathi”, the god of knowledge. Therefore, you should try this word if your child to be given an unique name.

29. Vaidehi:

Vaidehi is among the many names used by Sita. It means “Princess of Videha Kingdom” which is none other then Janaki as well as Sita. In different instances, Vaidehi means a “cow” and is also a form of pepper with a lengthy length. A single word that has many possibilities!

30. Vedhya:

Vedhya is a significant term for Taurus born girls. It refers to “Famous”, “Celebrated” as well as “Knowledge”. You could utilize “Veda” as a nickname for this word, and it also means sacred knowledge.

31. Vunshika:

Vunshika is a gorgeous name for girls that means “Goddess Durga”. There are other meanings such as Aloe vera Wood as well as a instrument which is similar to pipes or flutes. There aren’t any alternative names for this term.

32. Veenita:

Veenita has the same sound as “Veena”, but has an entirely different meaning. It is a reference to “one who is humble”, “simple” or “down to earth”. This name is perfect women born into Mrigashira Nakshatram Vrishabha Rasi.

Best Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

33. Vernika:

Vernika is a variation of “Varnika” which means “colorful”. It is a brand new and distinct sound that will make your daughter stand out from the rest of the group. In Latin, Vernika is written as an alternative spelling of “Veronica” which means “one who brings victory”.

34. Kaamya:

Kaamya is a lovely baby girl’s name with multiple meanings, such as “beautiful”, “successful”, “lovable” etc. It is believed that girls who are named Kaamya are attractive and pleasing to the eye. character.

35. Kabita:

Kabita is an Bengali term for “Kavitha”, which means “Poetry”. It’s a beautiful name for people who are in awe of poetry and literature.

36. Kaiya:

If you’re looking for an Vrishabha Rashi namesake for women with an international outlook, look into Kaiya. It is a Japanese dialect, which translates to “forgiveness”. There is also an allusion to an Indian goddess known as Kaiya.

37. Kiara:

Kiara is a different modern name for babies. It is derived from diverse languages such as Japanese, Korean, Italian and Irish languages that have many meanings and implications. A few of them are “bright”, “first ray of sun”, “dark-haired” and others.

38. Keerthika:

Keerthika is a different variation in the form of “Keerthi”, which means “glory” or “fame”. The addition of an suffix “ka” for the unisex root word “Keerthi” adds a femine addition. There are 3.5 words in the name, and it sounds extremely pleasing.

39. Kishika:

Kishika is a brand new name for those looking for a new unheard of name for their newborn girls. The word roughly means “as sweet as grapes”. You can make cute nicknames such as “Kishu”, “Ishu” and so on.

40. Wamika:

Wamika is thought to be one of the names associated with Goddess Durga. It’s also one of the only Indian girls’ names which begin by”W” “W” letter. Wamika signifies “an epithet on the left Vama (arm) of Durga Devi”.

10 Unisex Names for Vrishabha Rashi Born Baby Boys and Girls:

If you’re looking for an gender-neutral name for your baby, or are planning to name your child’s unborn baby without knowing their gender these names will aid you in your search:

41. Vatsa:

Vatsa is a unique name for any boy born within this Rashi because it means “son” or “young calf (male)”. It comes from Sanskrit and, in certain contexts could mean “girl” or a “child”. This word is used to describe all genders, by using a prefix such as “Sree” or a suffix such as “yani” (eg. Vatsayani)

42. Vajra:

Vajra is a powerful name for babies and girls, as it translates to “thunderbolt”. The Indian origin name also translates to “Diamond,” which is one of the most valuable as well as rare gemstones on Earth. A different reference is that Vajra is the name given to God’s grand-son, Lord Krishna. Are you looking for more reasons to select the name?

43. Kiran:

Kiran is a very popular name for women that is unisex in India. It is derived from Sanskrit and is a synonym for “ray”, “light ray”, “sunshine” and “bright light”. A suffix for girls such as “mayi” can be added to create a gender-specific.

44. Vanhi:

Vanhi is a Sanskrit name that translates to “Fire” or even “enlightenment”. Due to its gender neutral pronunciation and meaning Vanhi can be used for girls and boys.

45. Kinjal:

Kinjal is a wonderful non-sexy name used that is appropriate for Taurus baby boys born in Taurus. It is a reference to “bank of a river” or “fame”. Another meaning which is connected to the masculine gender can be “a male filament of a flower”.

46. Veda:

The term “Veda” refers to the sacred texts of Hinduism. Vedas represent wisdom and eternal knowledge. This is the reason why many like to use the word “veda” to refer to their babies either girls or boys, with minor modifications or changes.

47. Vibhuti:

There are various meanings for the term “Vibhuti”. It originates from the Sanskrit language and refers to “Sacred Ash”, “wealth”, “glory” etc. The addition of a suffix, such as “Kumar” or “kumari” could make it gender-specific.

48. Keva:

Keva is a gorgeous name with an accentuated sound. It’s a great choice for those who live in the United States or parents who are looking for to have a modern and contemporary baby name. Keva refers to “gentle”, “good-looking” or “precious”.

49. Varya:

There are a variety of meanings and interpretations for”Varya” “Varya”. There are many meanings, including “hidden treasure”, “spontaneous”, “good looking” and so on. It makes it appropriate for girls and boys.

50. Vatsi:

Vatsi is a gender-neutral name for infants that were born during Vrishabha Rashi. It is thought as one of the names associated with Lord Vishnu. Although it is an omen-based god it is also a girl’s name. this cute and short name.

10 Sibling Names for Vrishabha Rashi Babies:

If you’re blessed with twins, boy and girl, you can try choosing from these Vrishabha Rashi Baby names

51. Vasanth – Vasanthi:

Vasanth is a pleasant name for babies that is a reference to “Spring” or “Yellow Color”. The name is synonymous with positivity, happiness as well as new beginnings. The feminine variant for this can be “Vasanthi” which also has the identical meaning.

52. Vedik – Vedika:

Another name that is meaningful for Taurus born children The names of Taurus born siblings is Vedik or Vedika. “Vedik” means knowledge that can be derived from any source. The term “Vedika” complements this meaning and can be understood to mean “restoring knowledge”.

53. Karthik – Karthika:

Karthik’s name is that used by the male god the Lord Murugan as well as Kumaraswamy. The meaning of the name can be “One who bestows happiness”. The feminine variant that this word can be described as “Kartheeka”, which means “bestower of courage”.

54. Vaibhav – Vaibhavi:

Vaibhav is a name that is popular among boys who were born within Vrishabha Rashi. It means “majestic”, “abundance”, “grandeur,” etc. The feminine version of the term can be referred to as “Vaibhavi,” which also signifies “Grandeur” and even refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

55. Vidyut -Vidyullata:

Vidyut can be a Sanskrit-derived boy name that translates to “electric”, “powerful” and “lightning”. The feminine variant that has the closest meaning to this name refers to “Vidyullata”, which means “a streak of lightning” or “lightening plant”.

We hope that you enjoyed this collection of the 55 most popular Vrishabha Rashi baby names for girls and boys. In addition to sounding trendy and distinctive the names have deeper meanings and can make an impression on other people. If you know of any other names of this kind that fall under the Zodiac sign, tell us!

Disclaimer: It is important to be aware that these names could have different meanings across various cultures, nations and languages. Therefore, ensure that you be aware of the significance of names in your particular culture prior to choosing the one for your baby. Don’t rely on the information contained in this article because the information isn’t solidly backed by research or expert opinions.