Christian Baby Names Top Biblical Names with Meanings -

Christian Baby Names Top Biblical Names with Meanings

Christian Baby Names The Christian Baby Names: Top Biblical Names with Meanings

You could have been searching for a name in the beginning of your pregnancy until the day you delivered. Most likely, you wouldn’t have found the perfect name. This article can assistance. Check out the list of the latest Christian Baby names as well as the meanings they convey.

The best Christian names for boys:

1. Aadam:

The meaning behind the term means “of the earth”. It is a reference to someone who belongs to this wonderful planet. It is believed to be among the most biblical baby boy names ever. You can be captivated by this name . The reason for the name is the affection that parents feel to their children.

2. Aiden:

Another stunning Christian baby name and is one of the most beautiful Christian boy names. The meaning behind Aiden can mean “a fiery young man”. This name will enhance the personality of a youngster and aid that boy to make a good impression throughout his maturing years. The people will be captivated by this gorgeous name. Names can be given to nearly every Christian boy.

3. Aaric:

They have immense significance. The meaning behind this particular title refers to “rule with mercy”. These kinds of names were usually handed to princes back in the days of old to ensure that they would remain long enough to become King and lead their own kingdom with just mercy. This name is among the most well-known Biblical names for boys.

4. Adam:

The meaning behind this namesake can be described as “man”. This is an awesome name for Christian males. It is among the most popular and widely used names used in the Christian faith. It is a popular name with Biblical parents. It also is a reference to “earth”.

5. Badrick:

Starting with the letter A we are on the top list of Biblical names that are suitable for infants starting with the letter B. The meaning behind the word can be described as “Axe Ruler”, which is quite a unique name for a Christian boy. The name is extremely popular in the world of Christian boys.

6. Baltasar:

The name Baltasar is a reference to “God” which is a top-of-the-line name for children who were born during the twentieth century. Baltasar is among the most popular names that can be used by Christian boys. It can add some weight and density to a man’s persona. People will initially evaluate you based on your name before they look at your character as a human being. So, it’s extremely crucial to have a good name.

7. Beamer:

The names are typically applied to families in which there are individuals who love musical instruments and music. The meaning behind this term can be described as “trumpet player”. It is among the top and the most distinctive Biblical name for babies. The name is very well-known among children who grew to be in Boston and girls love the name and consider it appealing as well.

8. Cayden:

Cayden is “a battle maiden”, which is a very authentic name. People will appreciate it because it shows your character and personality. It is a beautiful name and would suit a young man with a strong, warrior’s heart. This is among the most appropriate names for an Christian boy. The boy will be grateful to his parents for having him named in this manner when he’s old enough to understand the meaning behind the name.

9. Calvin:

It is a reference to “bald”. Calvin is among the most frequently used Christian names. The most use of the name is in families living in Europe including England. The name is suitable for an intelligent and attractive child.

10. Casson:

The meaning behind Casson’s name is that Casson can be described as “a seer”. It is among the best Christian baby names that is suitable for boys particularly.

11. Chad:

The name or word Chad has a meaning in the past. Chad is a name that has a lot of tradition, and you should be proud of it and also. The meaning behind the name Chad is basically “warrior”. It’s an excellent name for a strong and brave child. If a child shows the signs of courage and loyalty as early as a toddler and this name could be ideal for the child.

12. Daan:

Daan is a distinctive Christian baby name that you will discover. The name of the boy means “God has been the judge of my life’.

13. Don:

Don refers to ‘ruler of all the earth’. It is a fairly well-known word in Christianity.

14. Dirk:

Dirk refers to the ‘ruler of people’. This is a means to encourage your child to become a leader, and guide the people towards goodwill.

15. Fidel:

Fidel is a name that indicates someone who is faithful. The name is becoming more increasingly popular and could be a distinctive Christian name.

16. Fredrick:

Fredrick is a well-known name for Christians. It is a reference to a ‘calm monarch’. It indicates his capacity to guide people.

17. Gabriel:

It translates to ‘God can be my strength’. Gabriel is frequently depicted as an angel as a messenger in Biblical stories. Gabriel is also regarded as an angel.

18. Gideon:

Gideon was a nickname given in the memory of an incredibly brave soldier famous for rescuing his fellow Israelites from Midian in the Old Testament. Gideon is a reference to “cutting down.’

19. Hebron:

Hebron is a reference to ‘company’ or ‘union.

20. Helek:

Helek means ‘smoothness’. It could be the most popular Christian name that is distinctive and uncommon.

21. Hiram:

The name translates to ‘exalted brother’. The name is derived from Hebrew. Due to the popularity of culture and art which is growing, Hiram as a name is beginning to gain traction.

22. Isaac:

Isaac is a well-known name used in Christianity. It is the word for ‘laughter’.. The name comes from Hebrew. It is a Christian Biblical name.

23. Isaiah:

Isaiah is often referred to as the prophet of the patriotic of the Old Testament. The name means ‘Salvation ‘ God’s gift’ and is associated with significant biblical connections. Isaiah is an appropriate name that applies to anyone searching for an Christian biblical name.

24. Jacob:

Jacob According to the Bible is Esau’s twin brother. He is Esau’s younger sibling. Jacob is known to fight with his older brother in the womb. Jacob refers to “he who supplants’.

25. Jairus:

Jairus is a Latin word meaning ‘he will illuminate’. You can think of this as a adorable Christian baby name for your child.

26. James:

James is a synonym for’supplanter’. He James is among the twelve apostles who were a part of Jesus Christ.

27. Jason:

The name Jason refers to healing, or one who heals. Jason is a well-known Christian male name used in Christianity.

28. Joel:

“The Lord is God” is the meaning behind Joel. Joel can also be a well-known Christian Baby name you have seen many times.

29. John:

We all have been familiar with this particular name. John is a very well-known Christian name that translates to God is gracious..

30. Jordan:

Jordan refers to the River. It means ‘to descend’. Jordan is a well-known Christian biblical name for a baby boy.

31. Joseph:

Joseph is a name that Joseph refers to “May Jehovah add or multiply’. Joseph is a popular Christian Baby name. Joseph is the dad of Jesus Christ.

32. Judas:

Judas in Hebrew means ‘praise’. In Judas in the New Testament, Judas is the one who disobeys Jesus Christ, the Lord. Jesus Christ.

33. Levi:

Levi tribes, as per the Bible are the priestly classes of the Israelites. The word also means ‘joined’.

34. Lucifer:

Lucifer is a name that Lucifer is a reference to’morning star’. Lucifer is also a well used Christian biblical name.

35. Luke:

Luke is a Latin word meaning luminous. It’s a variation from Lucius (or Lucas and is an option for many parents.

36. Mark:

Mark is often referred to as Marcus. The word’shining’ means shining. Mark is associated with Jesus and the New Testament, because of the Gospel.

37. Matthew:

Matthew is a popular name that is used in Christianity. The Christian name is a reference to the “Gift of Jehovah’. It is also believed that Matthew was the one who wrote the Gospel.

38. Michael:

Most likely a popular name for Christians and is loved by many families. Michael refers to a person who is similar to God’. Michael is, as per the Bible is the person who won over Satan in the battle that occurred in heaven.

39. Moses:

Moses is proclaimed to be the prince of Egypt. Moses is one of the most prominent figures within the Bible and was the person who composed Moses’s Ten Commandments at the Mount of Sinai. It is a different Christian biblical name for your child.

40. Nathan:

Nathan is the word for’rewarded’ in Hebrew. Nathan is the name that has its roots from Hebrew as well as being a distinctive Christian birth name.

41. Noah:

Noah has a meaning that comes by the Hebrew language. The word Noah means “rest”.

42. Omar:

Omar is a ‘mountaineer’. In Hebrew the word’mountaineer’ refers to the person who speaks..

43. Paul:

It is a reference to “little”. Paul is one of many writers , and was also an apostle within the New Testament.

44. Peter:

Peter is considered to be one of the first followers of Jesus. Peter’s name is a reference to ‘rock’. This is yet another Christian baby’s name to consider.

45. Philip:

Philip is a reference to ‘warrior’. He is an apostle from the twelve apostles.

46. Rosh:

Rosh means ‘Prince’. This is another method for you to communicate to the child what it is to you.

47. Rufus:

Rufus means the color red.

48. Samuel:

Samuel is the name that was given to him. Samuel is the first name of Paul. Samuel means ‘heard’.

49. Simon:

Simon is a reference to ‘hearing with acceptance’. Simon is an ancient biblical meaning.

50. Thomas:

Thomas is a latin word meaning ‘twin’. He is often referred to as Doubting Thomas due to his doubts.

51. Theophilus:

Theophilus refers to a friend to God’.

52. Uriel:

Uriel means “God Is My Light’. The word originates from the Hebrew language.

53. Zerah:

Zerah refers to the’springing from light’.Bible reference: Genesis 36:13 has mention Zerauh’s name.

Christian baby Names with meanings for girls:

54. Abira:

This is a gorgeous Christian name for girls. The name is beautiful and is generally appropriate to girls that are robust and that is the significance of this name. Yes! Abira means “strong”.

55. Acacia:

The meaning behind this gorgeous namesake has the meaning of “Holy girl”. This is an extremely beautiful name for girls , and could be described as an extremely popular Biblical name for females. The name was used by one of the world’s most well-known women (Christian) around the globe that have enjoyed huge success, and I hope that the female child given the name will too.

56. Ada:

Another gorgeous Christian girl’s name. The meaning behind Ada can be described as “prosperous and happy”. The name connotes the young lady is wealthy and extremely joyful at the same. It appears that the person named by this name is happy in her life, and enjoys her life. The name is gorgeous and most Christian girls ought to be named this way.

57. Achazia:

The meaning behind the term can be described as “the Lord holds”. It is among the most frequently used Biblical girl names. It is a name that is suitable for girls who are devoted to God. To give a child the name of this faith, belief in Christ is essential to the relatives which the child has taken birth.

58. Adah:

Adah simply refers to “a form of Ada”. It is a very popular name in the world of Christian girls and is one of the most frequently used names in history.

59. Adallyn:

If you’re looking for names that are Biblical girls names this is among the top ones available. The name is gorgeous and would be appropriate for nearly every Christian girl that is out there.

60. Bethel:

It is a reference to “House of God’. Bethel is one of the many Christian names for babies.

61. Bethany:

The word Bethany refers to the “house of affliction”. Bethany is, as per Scripture, in the Bible is the name given to the village in the story of Mary as well as her twin sister Martha.

62. Chloe:

Chloe is a contemporary Christian baby name which translates to “blooming” and “fertility.”.

63. Claudia:

Claudia is a Latin word meaning ‘lame’. It is considered to be adorable Christian baby name.

64. Deborah:

Deborah is the Latin word for “bee” and is a contemporary Christian term for a newborn girl.

65. Delilah:

What do you think of Delilah? Delilah is a well-known Christian baby name which means “to delight”.

66. Elizabeth:

Elizabeth means “God is my swearing’. It also means worshipper of God. There are many spellings to make it sound.

67. Esther:

Esther is a word that means star. It refers to the meaning of’star’ that brings joy’ and is an Christian biblical name for a baby that is very popular among youngsters today.

68. Eve:

The name Eve is, as we all know is the name given to Adam’s wife. It is a reference to living. Eve is a name with a significant biblical connection.

69. Gabrielle:

Gabrielle has a meaning derived from Gabrielle is a name that comes from the Hebrew language. It refers to God is my strength. Gabrielle has been a popular Christian Baby name but this time it is again growing in popularity.

70. Grace:

Grace as in the word itself, is a synonym for “politeness”. The name derives from the Latin word gratia.

71. Hagar:

Hagar is a word that means “flight” and was derived by The Egyptian language. It is one of the most unique Christian baby name that you could come up with.

Christian Baby Names Top Biblical Names with Meanings

72. Hannah:

Hannah means ‘favor’. It is possible that you’ve seen this name many times as it is another well-known Christian name.

73. Hosanna:

Hosanna is a Hebrew word meaning “prayer” and is a rare name you could give your baby girl. If your child was the outcome of your prayers, it’s an option you narrow it down to.

74. Iscah:

Ischa is an interesting and unique name which means “to look”. It also has a reference to the biblical origins of Ischa in Genesis 11:29.

75. Jaada:

Jaada is a green gem. Therefore, the meaning behind the name is “the green gemstone”. Each girl should be considered as a precious gem to the people in their lives The name is based on the same idea. Name your baby girl after this name is an effective way to demonstrate the importance of your daughter to you.

76. Jacklynn:

You’ve heard this name a lot do you not? It’s true! This is among the most popular biblical names for girls. The meaning behind this word refers to “supplanter”.

77. Jaen:

This is a charming Christian name for girls. It’s actually a humorous name, too, because it is a reference to the Ostrich. The name is adorable however, and would surely make a great choice for a sweet girl.

78. Jael:

Jael refers to the mountain goat. It is believed that the Old Testament identifies Jael as the wife of Heber.

79. Jemimah:

Jemimah is the Hebrew word for “a little Dove’. It’s a cute Christian name that you could come up with for your child.

80. Joanna:

Joanna is a gorgeous name which means “God is gracious”. It is a very popular Christian name.

81. Kailla:

The actual meaning behind the word could be “a stylish woman”. The name is as fashionable as its meaning, and is certainly one of the most female biblical names.

82. Kaitlinn:

It is a stunning name. The meaning of the title refers to “pure”, which means that the woman is pure in her heart. The name is truly wonderful and is suitable for almost every Christian woman. It is among the most Christian names that girls can have on the market, as well. It reveals the real nature of Christianity and can be called being one of the more popular names.

83. Kajol:

It is believed to be it’s an Indian name but it’s one that is a Christian one. The meaning behind Kajol means “kohl”. It’s a gorgeous name and has a deep meaning behind it. The name is beautiful and moms and fathers from Christian families frequently like to name their daughters with this attractive and appealing name.

84. Kalanit:

Kalanit means “flower”. It’s sure to be a good fit for girls who are beautiful as the flower. Its name Kalanit is very attractive and sounds great when you listen to it. The name is quite popular these days in place of so many modern extravagant names, with this being the one that is the traditional. There are those who cherish the old and this is among the most effective ways to add an extra dimension to the biblical names that are traditional for girls.

85. Kalina:

The real meaning behind Kalina name is “Rowan tree”. It is an incredibly beautiful and elegant Christian names for women. The name is beautiful and appealing, that anyone can easily fall in the love of it. It also represents a pure and holy character, and will make the baby appear better when she’s given the name of this specific character.

86. Leah:

Leah refers to a woman who is tired but still is loyal’. It is a great and rare Christian birth name that you can give to your little girl.

87. Martha:

Martha is a reference to ‘Lady Master’. Martha could also refer to the feminine form of the word “Master”.

88. Mary:

Mary We know that Mary was the mom of Jesus Christ. There’s no better Christian biblical name for a baby you can think of.

89. Mercy:

Mercy refers to compassion The word Mercy is similar to the name.

90. Naarah:

Naarah is a Hebrew word meaning ‘daughter or child of God’. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Christian names for your child?

91. Oprah:

Oprah is a slang word meaning “Fawn”. Its name in Hebrew is actually spelled Orpha and also has been mentioned in the Biblical reference in Ruth.

92. Phoebe:

Phoebe refers to ‘radiant like Moonlight’. This is a different and original name to consider.

93. Rachel:

The name Rachel refers to Ewe and is a reference to the female sheep. Rachel is a contemporary Christian child’s name.

94. Salome:

Salome is the name of peace that means’. It’s becoming more increasingly popular with Christian parents to give their children the name Salome.

95. Sarah:

Did we not hear of Sarah often before? Sarah is a reference to a noblewoman and princess. She is referred to as the spouse of Abraham and Mother of Isaac.

Christian Baby Names Top Biblical Names with Meanings

Christian Baby Names Top Biblical Names with Meanings

96. Sharon:

Sharon refers to flat land. It also has an Bible reference to the name in Chronicles 5:16.

97. Susanna:

Susanna refers to ‘a beautiful flower’. Do you want a charming name for your sweet child? Susanna is sure to do it justice.

98. Terah:

Terah refers to’scent’.

99. Tryphena:

Tryphena refers to someone who is sensitive. It is a popular name in the present.

100. Zipporah:

The name refers to a small bird.

Christian Twin Baby Names:

101. Bigail and Adriel:

“A father’s joy” and the word ‘flock from God’. It is a rare name to come across.

102. Diana and Elisha:

‘Luminous’ and ‘the Salvation of God’. The twin names have strong Biblical connection.

103. Faith and Hope:

“Loyalty” and “expectations’ In Latin as well as Old English, respectively, it is one of the most popular twin name for babies for Christians.

104. Ava/Eva and Grace:

‘Living’ and ‘blessing’. What are the short names for your little girl?

105. Victoria and Rebecca:

“a song” and “beautifully insnaring/soil’, respectively. The name is elegant and never goes out of style.

106. Olive and Lillian:

‘beauty/dignity’ and ‘purity/beauty’. Both are extremely loved Christian Bible names for twins.

107. Grace and Esther:

‘Blessing’ and ‘secret/hidden’. Aren’t these names great for twins?

108. Daniel and Ezekiel:

“God is my judge” and ‘the power God’ and ‘the strength God’. This is a perfect twin baby boy name you to consider.

109. Jason and Peter:

“The one who heals” as well as ‘a rock’ This is a elegant Christian baby name, with a significance as per.

110. Abram and Asher:

“Exalted Father” and “Happiness and happiness. You must have heard of this song a lot. Haven’t we?

111. Mark and Jesse:

“Polite” and “gift or oblation’. Jesse must be a distinctive Christian baby name.

112. Nathan and Noah:

“Reward” and “Consolation” respectively. A classy duo!

113. Lemuel and Aquila:

God has been with us or with him or ‘the eagle’ is the literal meaning. Doesn’t this sound like a strange name?

114. Andrew and Micah:

Are you looking for something truly special? These names refer to’strong man” and “humble,” respectively.

115. Michael and Victor:

Another name is a symbol of the power of victory and humility These are fairly popular Christian twin names for boys.

Christian Biblical Baby Names:

116. Abel:

Abel means ‘breath’. According to the Old Testament, he is the second son of well-known Adam as well as Eve who were murdered because of jealousy by his brother. It is a common name for infant boys.

117. Abijah:

Abijah has a deep Biblical connection. It is believed to be the name for both female and male from the Old Testament. Second King Judah’s name refers to Abijah. The name is a combination of girls and boys.

118. Achan:

The name translates to ‘trouble’. It is an uncommon biblical baby name for boys.

119. Amal:

Amal refers to work in Hebrew. The name was also used with Asherite during the Old Testament. This is a name that is gender neutral.

120. Annas:

The name is that used by the highest priest of Jews within the New Testament. Annas is yet another gender-neutral name.

121. Barak:

Barak is a different popular Biblical name which translates to “lightning” in Hebrew for boys.

122. Chloe:

Chloe is the nickname given to the girl. It is a reference to “green shoot,” referring to spring and the beginning of greenery. It is a sign of positivity.

123. Damaris:

The word “girl” means “girl”. The name that appears in the New Testament is that of an unbeliever who made the decision to convert to Christianity. The name she was given was Saint Paul.

124. Dinah:

Dinah means ‘judged’. Dinah was also the child of Jacob and Leah. It is a biblical name for a girl.

125. Eli:

Eli from Eli in the Old Testament is stated as the priest of Eli in the Old Testament is described as the priest of Israelites. Eli is the name of all the infant boys.

126. Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a name that refers to the newborn girl, which signifies’my God is my swearing’.

127. Eve:

Eve is a name that refers to the fact that Eve is the name given to Eve, the wife of Adam and is a significant mention in the Bible. Eve is a name that refers to a newborn girl.

128. Hannah:

Hannah means ‘grace’. Hannah is the spouse of Elkanah in the Old Testament.

129. Hirah:

The name Hirah can also mean’splendour” in Hebrew. Hirah is the son of the late father of Judah from Judah’s story in the Old Testament. It is the name of a the baby boy.

130. Ira:

Ira is a Latin word meaning ‘watchful’. It is a baby name girls. It is a distinctive Christian Baby name. It also is the name of the King David’s priest.

131. Jaala:

Jalaa is a latin word meaning “wild goat” and is a name that is gender neutral.

132. Jael:

Jael means ‘mountain goat’. Jael is mentioned within the Old Testament as the wife of Heber who was the Kenite. Jael is a gender-neutral name.

133. Jared:

Jared is a name that Jared refers to “descent”. Jared refers to the name given to the descendant of Adam in the Old Testament. Jared refers to the name of the baby boy.

134. Joel:

Names like Joel is considered to be among the 12 apostles in the Old Testament. Joel is a name that refers to a the baby boy.

135. Jubal:

It means “stream” in Hebrew. Jubal is also known as a musician as per the Bible. Jubal is the name given to a the infant girl.

Christian Baby Names and Meanings for Unisex:

136. Aaden The name signifies ‘one that is fierce’.

137. Abby: Abby is a popular , unisex Christian namesake that’s a variant of the abbey.

138. Abell: Abell means ‘breath”, and is a popular unisex Christian name.

139. Billy: Billy means ‘will’.

140. Caitlyn: Caitlyn means ‘pure” and is a name for girls and boys.

141. Damon: Damon means ‘to be tame’.

142. Darian: Darian means ‘gift which is an appropriate name for both the girl and the boy.

143. Edden: Edden means ‘delightful’.

144. Erich: Erich is a “brave ruler”.

145. Estefani: Estefani is a very unusual name that translates to “crown”.

We’ve put together the following list of Christian names for children to help you select the best one for the child you are looking for. Some of the most popular and most sought-after Christian name choices from the Bible have been discussed. Check them out and be sure to decide which one you love the most.