Mithun Rashi Baby Names Girls and Boys And Meanings -

Mithun Rashi Baby Names Girls and Boys And Meanings

Mithun Rashi Baby Names: Trendy Gemini Names for 2023

Mithuna Rashi, also known as Gemini can be described as the 3rd of the twelve Zodiac signs. It is symbolized by the symbol of twins known as Castor as well as Pollux. According to Hindu Vedic astrology, children birthed in Nakshatras which include Mrighashira (1,2 Padas), Vrishabham (3,4 Padas) and Arudra (4 Padas) fall under the category of Mithun Rashi. Here, we’ve listed 60 best Mithun Rashi Baby Names for girls and boys, as well as their the meanings.

Let’s now take a look at our Mithuna Rashi starting alphabets or sounds as prescribed by the Nakshatra rules:

  • Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Ku, Kham, Gna, Cha*

*can vary depending on the different characteristics of Panchangam.

60 of the Best Mithuna Rashi Baby Names For Girls and Boys that Have Significance:

If you’re searching to find a name suitable you can choose for you Mithun Rashi birth baby girl or boy that is the perfect blend of modernity and tradition Scroll down to:

25 Unique Mithuna Rashi Boy Names:

Boys who were birthed in Mithun Rashi are known to possess strong characteristics of individualism. They are extremely clear about their thinking, and their communication is their main strengths. Let’s take a look at the top 25 names for newborn boys born in the Rashi:

1. Ved:

“Ved” is a name that comes from the “Ved” is derived from the Sanskrit language. It is the abbreviation of “Veda which translates to “Sacred wisdom” and is among the most popular names for infant males born within Mithun Rashi.

2. Vedanth:

Vedanth is an Sanskrit word for infant boys, which translates to “One who attained the ultimate wisdom of Vedas”. The name is derived from two words “Veda”, meaning Vedas and “Anth” meaning conclusion.

3. Vedik:

“Vedik” is the name that comes from “Vedik” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Veda” which means sacred knowledge. The addition of”ik” letters “ik” makes it suitable for males. Another meaning of the title could be “Consciousness”.

4. Vedin:

Vedin is a distinctive designation for Gemini born boys. The name is thought to represent one of the names given to Lord Brahma and is therefore a symbol of the power of knowledge, intelligence and the ability to think on your feet. The spelling alternative”Vedhin” is “Vedhin”.

5. Vehant:

“Vehant,” the name “Vehant” is suitable for the baby son born during Mithun Rashi. It means “intelligent”, “wisdom” etc. The word originates of”intelligent” or “wisdom.” Sanskrit language.

6. Venu:

“Venu” is a beautiful boy’s name that means “bamboo flute”. The name originates by the Sanskrit word “Venuvu” which is the musical instrument used by Lord Krishna.

7. Voumik:

“Voumik” is a unique name for boys born in the year 2000. It is a reference to “Earthly Love”. It could mean affection for relatives, family members, or friends. There are no alternative spellings or variants for this name.

8. Kashyap:

The term “Kashyap” is associated with Hindu mythology and has many meanings. It’s the name given to the ancient Sage known as Kashyapa who is believed to be the source of Kashyapa is where the Kashyap gotra is believed to have originated. Other possible interpretations for the word are “tortoise”, “deer” and so on.

9. Kadamb:

“Kadamb” is a different name given to babies born under the Gemini sign. It comes of”Kadamba,” the Sanskrit term “Kadamba”, the name of a sacred tree that is considered to be a favorite for Parvati Devi.

10. Kailash:

It is a well-known term for Hindu infant boys that comes from “Mount Kailasha”, the holy abode that is the home of Lord Shiva. Kailash is also associated with the ultimate happiness, peace, and eternality.

11. Kaladhar:

Kaladhar is a unique name for boys born in the year 2000. It refers to “Moon”. The Sanskrit term is “one who shows different phases” and is appropriate for those who exhibit many different traits and emotions.

12. Kalesh:

Kalesh is a fitting term to use for Gemini born boys that means “Lord Shiva”. The name could be derived of “Kailash”, Shiva’s sacred mountainous home.

13. Kandarp:

Kandarp is among the many names associated with “Kamadeva” or Cupid. The name is believed to originate from the very first words spoken by Kamadeva in the presence of the Lord Brahma, “Kam Darpayami”. This is how the name was created “Kandarpa”, who is the one responsible for all life on Earth.

14. Kiaan:

Kiaan is a contemporary name for babies who were born within Mithun Rashi. Based on Hinduism, “Kiaan” is another name given to Lord Vishnu and originates in the Sanskrit language.

15. Kinal:

If you’re in search of a fashionable name for your baby boy, you can try “Kinal”. The Hindi name is derived from “A place where the fire is born”. It is possible to associate this word with creativity, intelligence, and the ability to inspire.

16. Kireeti:

Kireeti is a mighty baby boy’s name that was originally mentioned within the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. The name was given to Arjuna following the time that Lord Indra put his celestial crown “Kireetam” on his head.

17. Kishanth:

“Kishanth. “Kishanth” is one of the many names associated with Lord Krishna. It is possible that the word may have originated of “Krish”, the short version of Krishna. You could make use of “Kishu” or even “Kannayya” as an alternative name.

18. Kiyansh:

Kiyansh is a boy’s name which means “A person who has all qualities”. The name has been adapted from various languages, and therefore it has no singular origin. The nickname could include “Kiya”.

19. Kurmesh:

“Kurmesh” is the name that originated from “Kurmesh” comes from the Sanskrit word “Kurma” meaning Tortoise. Kurma can be described as one of 10-assigned Avatars from Lord Vishnu and the name was derived from it.

20. Koshal:

“Koshal” is a word that means “Journeyman” “Koshal” is a Sanskrit word meaning “one who is skilful”. Another alternative word for the same term can be “Nipun”, which also has the same meaning.

21. Kuber:

“Kuber,” the word “Kuber” comes from Hindu mythology, which is the name given to Kubera, the “Lord of Wealth” or Kubera. Kubera is associated with a lot of wealth and prosperity.

22. Khamish:

Khamish is believed to be among the names associated with Lord Shiva. It is a modernization of his name, therefore there isn’t a direct significance or meaning to the meaning.

23. Chaarvik:

The word “Chaarvik” means “good boy”. Due to its significance, many parents are choosing this name for their boys. Another meaning of the term can be “good looking boy”, since “chaaru” in Sanskrit means beautiful.

24. Chaahal:

Chaahal is an Hindi word for babies that means “happiness”. It is also a variant spelling of Chahal. It is mainly utilized by parents belonging to Hindi spoken communities.

25. Gnandeep:

“Gnan” is a word “Gnan” means knowledge in Sanskrit. Therefore “Jnandeep” means “light of knowledge”. Many prefer pronunciation “Gyan” as it sounds more straightforward to “Gnan”.

25 Best Mithun Rashi Girl Names:

Mithuna Rashi born babies are said to possess characteristics of an self-reliant, quick-thinking skills , and excellent financial management. These are the most popular names for these babies who adhere to the Rashi Nakshatra guidelines:

26. Vedanshi:

Vedanshi is a lovely girl’s name that is appropriate for those born within Mithun Rashi. It is an Sanskrit word that comes from “Veda”, the sacred Vedas, and “Anshi” meaning “a part of”. Therefore “Vedanshi” means “one who is a part of the sacred Vedas”.

Mithun Rashi Baby Names Girls and Boys And Meanings

27. Vedanjana:

Another great namesake to use for Gemini daughters is Vedanjana. It is derived in the Sanskrit language and the significance of the word is “One who knows Vedas”. It is also possible to utilize “Veda” as a nickname for this term.

28. Vedika:

Vedika is a great name for girls, which begins in “Ve”. The name can mean a variety of things including “one who restores knowledge” or “venue”. A charming term for Vedika could include “Vedu”, “Vedi” or “Vedi.

29. Vennela:

Vennela is a lovely word for Mithun Rashi baby girls that is a reference to “moonlight”. The name originates of the Sanskrit language, and is a symbol of peace, tranquility as well as serenity, joy and bliss.

Mithun Rashi Baby Names Girls and Boys And Meanings

30. Vetri:

Vetri is a unique baby girl’s name, which is a reference to “Victorious” or “Successful”. It was first used within the Tamil language and is widely employed in the lives of South Indian people, especially in regions like the Tamil regions.

31. Vonima:

Vonima is a trendy baby girl’s name that does not have any specific significance. It’s a good choice for parents who would prefer an elegant and unique name for their child.

32. Kajol:

If you’re a lover of old-fashioned Bollywood films You might be able to find Kajol an intriguing name for your child’s name. The Hindu origin name translates to “One with beautiful eyes”. It also refers to Kohl also known as eyeliner.

33. Kalpitha:

Kalpitha is a gorgeous girl’s name that translates to “Creativity” or “Imagination”. The word comes from the Sanskrit word “Kalpana”, which is also a good name for women of any gender.

34. Kadambari:

Kadambari is an Indian traditional name originated from numerous sources. It is thought as a name that refers to Goddess Saraswathi goddess of knowledge. In Sanskrit the female cuckoo is referred to as Kadambari. Kadambari There exists a tree named Kadamba from where it is believed that the term “Kadambari” has been derived.

35. Kamakhya:

Kamakhya can be described as the title given to an Hindu Goddess, believed to be the form from Durga Devi. A lot of parents that believe in the miraculous powers prefer to give this name to their daughters.

36. Kangana:

The word “Kangana” means bracelet or bangle. The Hindi name, which is derived from Hindi, is linked to happiness, prosperity “suhagan” and happiness. Therefore, if you’re looking to name a happy girl for your baby girl the word “suhagan” could be a suitable choice.

37. Kiara:

Kiara is a name not from India that has roots in multiple languages such as Italian, Irish etc. This means that it can have different meanings, such as dark-haired first rays of sunlight, bright beautiful, etc. Aren’t you thinking this is the perfect gift of your girl?

38. Kinnera:

Kinnera is derived is derived from Telugu Kinnera is derived from Telugu and Sanskrit languages and is a reference to “Ray”. Kinnera is a word with poetic nuances to it that makes it an appropriate choice to name the baby girls.

39. Kiranmayi:

“Kiranmayi,” the name “Kiranmayi” means “one who is full of sun rays”. It’s a very popular baby girl’s name that is associated with characteristics like creativity, brightness, etc. Note that the word that is used to describe “Kiran” is unisex and is suitable for all genders.

40. Kirthika:

Kirthika is a term used to describe Hindu baby girls, which translates to “Famous”. The word originates from the Sanskrit word “Kirthi” which means “fame” or “reputation”. The spelling variation can be “Keerthika”.

41. Kishori:

Kishori is a great name for girls that refers to beautiful damsel, attractive girl or a young girl. The name originates directly from the Sanskrit word “Kishoram” meaning Young. It is perfect women born within Mithun Rashi as well as Mrigashira Nakshatram.

42. Komali:

Komali is a beautiful name for girls who are elegant and beautiful. It is even true that the name is tender delicateness, delicateness, daintiness etc. You can also choose to use “Komala” or “Komal” both of which mean the same thing.

43. Koyal:

The term “Koyal” is very popular with Hindi parents. It is a reference to “Cuckoo”, a bird that is well-known for its beautiful voice. The alternative spellings are “Koel”, “Koyel” and others.

Mithun Rashi Baby Names Girls and Boys And Meanings

44. Khamari:

Khamari is a name that is different for newborn girls that translates to “one who shines like a moon”. It is a fairly unknown name on the list of Indian baby girl names. If you’re looking to choose a unique name for your daughter, go with this!

45. Khanjana:

“Khanjana,” or “Khanjana” comes from the Hindi language, which translates to “Treasure”. The original meaning was “Khazana” which is slightly altered in order to create a good name for females.

46. Gnaneshwari:

Gnaneshwari is the name of a baby girl that has a rich meaning. First of all, it is one of the many names associated with goddess Lakshmi who is the god of wealth. The literal meaning to the meaning”Gnana,” is “One who is knowledgeable” in that “Gnana” means knowledge.

47. Gnapika:

The name “Gnapika” means souvenir or memory. Many consider it to be wisdom or knowledge. It is derived directly from Telugu and Sanskrit languages.

48. Chaarvi:

Chaarvi is a sweet and short girl’s name that originates from the Sanskrit language. The meaning of the word can be “one who is beautiful”. Another word could be “Chaarvika”, which also refers to the same.

49. Chaaya:

“Chaaya” is another popular name for girls born today that is a reference to “Shadow” or “Reflection”. It is associated with imagination, creativity as well as wisdom. and is derived from the Sanskrit language.

50. Chaarmi:

“Chaarmi”, also written as Charmee or Charmi is an Sanskrit named word that translates to “Gift of God”. The name can also mean “one who is beautiful” or “lovely”, “good looking” and so on.

5 Unisex Names For Mithuna Rashi Babies:

Below are the top five most loved Mithuna names that have gender neutral meanings:

51. Kiran:

Kiran is a well-known unisex name that comes by Kiran, which is the Sanskrit name “Kirana” meaning rays. Kiran is a name that can be used by all genders because of it’s neutral significance. It is also possible to include suffixes or prefixes to create long names such as “Jyothi Kiran”, “Kiranmayi” or “Kiranmayi.

52. Kirti:

Kirti Also known as Keerthi is a gender-neutral name that can be used for both genders. It is a term that means “fame” or “reputation”. Its roots are within the Sanskrit language. Some might even see it as “eternal flame”.

53. Chandra:

The term “Chandra” is commonly used across a variety of Indian languages. It originates originated from Sanskrit meaning “Moon”. If you alter the name by adding suffixes or prefixes, you can customize it to a particular gender. Examples are “Chandra Sekhar” (boy), “Chandrakantha” (girl) etc.

54. Gnana:

Another name that is popular among girls and boys with an equal sense can be “Gnana”. It translates to “knowledge”. Like other names that are unisex it can be changed to fit the gender of a specific. Examples – “Gnanadeep”, “Gnaneshwari” etc.

55. Kamal:

“Kamal” is a popular name “Kamal” is one of the most popular unisex names for Indian infants. It translates to “Lotus” and symbolizes qualities such as purity, illumination, beauty and so on. Some examples of gender-specific names that use this word include “Kamala”, “Kamalnath” and so on.

5 Mithun Rashi Twin Baby Names:

These are the five best name for twins that were born within Mithuna Rashi. We’ve covered the combinations of a boy-boy girl-girl or both girls and boys.

56. Kethan – Kesha:

Here’s a list of names for babies that are suitable for twin girls and twin boys. Kethan is a masculine name meaning “Pure Gold” and Kesha is a girl’s name that is a girl name that means “hair” or “joyfulness”. Both begin with the sound “Ke” and have a rhyme effect when they are pronounced.

57. Kanik- Kanchana:

Another pair of names for twin girls and boys are Kanik as well as Kanchana. Both names are derived directly from Sanskrit language. Kanik is a reference to “grain”, and Kanchana refers to “golden”. When combined the two names translate to “golden grain”.

58. Kushal-Kunal:

If you are a parent of twin children born within Mithun Rashi, try the names – Kushal as well as Kunal. They are Hindi names that start by sounding “Ku” and have different meanings. Kushal is “Skillful” or “clever” and Kunal refers to “Lotus” or “the son of Emperor Ashoka”.

59. Chandana – Chandini:

The twin names of the baby girl “Chandana” and “Chandini” have the same spelling, but different meanings. Chandana signifies “Sandalwood”, and Chandini is a reference to moonlight. Both words are a symbol of tranquility and peace.

60. Kalash-Kalpana:

Kalash along with Kalpana are names given to twin girls and twin boys. Kalash refers to “Sacred Pot”, and Kalpana refers to “imagination”. While they don’t have any similar significance, their similar spelling and sound makes them perfect for naming twins.

We hope you enjoy the list below of 60 Great Mithuna Rashi Baby Names. Note that the information pertaining to the alphabets that start or the sounds of this Rashi might differ with the Panchanga that you’re talking about. So, have you narrowed down any of the names in this collection? If so, please tell us your top words!

Disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind that these names may have different meanings across various cultures, nations and languages. Therefore, ensure that you be aware of the significance of the name in your own culture prior to choosing the one for your baby. Don’t rely on the information contained in this article since it is not supported by an extensive amount of research or expert opinions.