Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings -

Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

 Unique Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

We all know how adorable Punjabi children, as a whole are! Their cute little buns add to their charm. A few of their names are very popular nowadays. While they’re common, picking the right name could be a challenge, particularly when it comes to naming your child. To make the process simpler for you, we’ve put together an Punjabi baby names list, with the meanings to be able to look up.

Punjabi Baby Boy Names List:

Here is an alphabetical list of Punjabi boy’s names for kids.

1. Adith:

The significance for Adith means “sun”. It is described as one of the most beautiful names to be given to Punjabi boys. It’s an extremely cool name and also sounds fantastic. It’s called one of the most popular Punjabi name for males. In general, there is many a Punjabi children in the home, which is why parents appreciate the idea of naming their child’s first (if it’s a boy) with the name.

2. Anhad:

The name Anhad has a wonderful meaning and is believed to be among the most contemporary Punjabi names. The name is “limitless”, which further signifies that the child named Anhad will not be restricted. He’ll be successful regardless of what it takes regardless of the limit that he must reach for success.

3. Anoor:

This is a modern Punjabi name for males. This name is very modern , but has a classic flavor, and this is only due to the meaning behind this term, “sun”. In the past many Punjabi males were given names after the various names of the Sun. That’s why the name is old-fashioned too. Its meaning could be the sole thing that allows the name to be compared to old names. It is, however, completely distinctive and new.

4. Arman:

Arman refers to “expectations, wishes, etc.”. Arman is among the most popular names that can be given to Punjabi boys. It is a beautiful name and is sure to suit every Punjabi boy.

5. Arjun:

The name Arjun has a significant significance to Indian the history of India. The meaning of this name Arjun refers to “confidence, strength, power, etc.” and other similar things. Arjun is a name that is unique and needs the presence of a certain child to be given the name. One will instantly appear and sound more attractive if she is named after this.

6. Baldev:

Baldev is a well-known Punjabi baby name. It is a reference to God’s power’. Baldev is another term for Balram.

7. Balbir:

Balbir refers to someone who is strong and powerful. Balbir can also be used to refer to those who are courageous.

8. Balvinder:

Haven’t we heard of this name before? Balvinder refers to God of force’. The name also refers power.

9. Bishmeet:

Bishmeet is a “great friend’. Your son is bound to be a great friend already. It’s a given that this will be a nice title for his.

10. Charnjit:

Charanjit means ‘respectful’. It also means ‘blessed by all’. The name is positive in significance and is an attractive Punjabi name.

Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

11. Chainpreet:

Chainpreet means ‘peaceful love’. It is a unusual and rare Punjabi name.

12. Chattarpal:

Chattarpal refers to ‘fostererer or a person of high intelligence’. This is an excellent name to choose for your child boy.

13. Charminder:

Charminder is another popular Punjabi name that we hear. If you’re looking for the most popular names for your kid, Charminder will be a suitable choice. Charminder is a name that means beautiful..

14. Didar:

This is an uncommon and original Punjabi baby name that is perfect for your little boy. The name translates to’melancholy’..

15. Davinder:

Davinder is a reference to the “leader over Davinder means ‘leader of all Gods’. Davinder signifies that your baby is the most treasured item.

16. Daljeet:

Daljeet translates to “the one who conquers forces’. The name is used to convey the meaning of telling someone they are powerful and strong.

17. Devender:

Devender is a variation on Davinder. The name means “King of Lords’. It’s an additional modern Punjabi baby boy’s name.

18. Ekbir:

Ekbir means ‘brave’.

19. Ekamjeet:

It is a name that has been used for centuries. Ekamjeet is extremely uncommon. It means “the triumph that only one God’.

20. Fakeer:

Fakeer isn’t a typical Punjabi Baby name. It’s a word that means “devotee”. It can also mean that is ‘a saintly individual’.

21. Guru:

Guru refers to “teacher” master or ‘priest’.

22. Gur:

Gur means ‘young lion’. The name is a suitable choice for the unruly young boys.

23. Gunwant:

Gunwant refers to ‘virtuel’. It is not a very common Punjabi infant name. If you’re seeking something unique and unique, this is an ideal choice.

24. Gurudas:

You are looking for a name with the religious aspect? Gurudas is one of them. It means’servant to Enlightener’ or’servant of Guru’. Guru’.

25. Gulzar:

It’s a frequently known name to every one of us. It’s a synonym for “rosegarden”. It can also mean ‘inhabited town or ‘flourishing’.

26. Hukam:

Hukram is an extremely elegant and classy name for Punjabi males. It’s very distinct too. The meaning behind this is extremely bold and heavy yet. Hukam means “order”. It is suitable for a man who has a strong and tough personality.

27. Happy:

One of the most adorable names that Punjabi men wear is Happy, Joy, etc. Happy Singh is a pretty popular name for the Punjabis. It could be considered one of the most popular Punjabi male names. The name is beautiful and would suit someone who is a happy and cheerful infant. The child who is named will eventually become a successful and happy man, and this name will fit him just perfectly.

28. Jaipal:

Jaipal is a well-known name. It is a reference to ‘King’..

29. Jasvir

Jasvir is a reference to ‘to win’. Jasvir also has different meanings. Another meaning for the word is “hero known for his fame’, or ‘famous persona’.

30. Jasbeer:

It is Punjabi baby’s name Jasbeer refers to “victorious Hero” or “powerful”.

31. Jagjeet:

Jagjeet is a reference to ‘winners from the entire world’.

32. Keerat:

Keerat is a rare Punjabi birth name. It means’singing the praises of God or glorifying Him’. In Hinduism the name is associated with the Lord Shiva.

33. Karanvir:

Karanvir is a very popular Punjabi children’s name that translates to ‘kind and brave like Karan’. Karan’. It is a great name to show that you are a strong little boy.

34. Kuljit:

Kuljit is a reference to a God-like member from the home’.

35. Kamaldeep:

Kamaldeep means ‘illumination’. It represents how the baby will be the torchbearer for wisdom and the light.

Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

36. Lakhwinder:

Lakhwinder The name is very intriguing. It refers to the man who overcome lakhs of Inders. Inder is a reference the Lord Indra.

37. Loveleen:

Loveleen means ‘absorbed’. It also refers to “imbibed” or “infused”. It is commonly understood to mean someone who is absorbed by the Lord.

38. Lakhbir:

Lakhbir literally means “brave as 100 thousand’.

39. Manvir:

Manvir refers to a brave heart. If your child is born Manvir could be a significant word.

40. Mandeep:

Mandeep refers to the ‘light of your mind’. It is also an extremely popular Punjabi name.

41. Niranjan:

Niranjan means ‘simple’.

42. Navaljyot:

Navaljyot refers to ‘a brand new shining light’. Your son must bring light into your life. His name is apt to do justice.

Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

43. Navinder:

Navinder is a reference to a brave Lord.

44. Prem:

The most well-known term used to describe the love of a person is Prem. Prem could also be considered a great term for Punjabi infants, and probably for all babies that are beautiful!

45. Praneet:

Praneet isn’t the typical Punjabi child’s name. But, due to the increasing popularity of the name it’s not accepted by many Punjabi parents as well. The name is a reference to ‘humble boy’.

46. Paramvir:

A more common name for kids is Paramvir. It means “the most powerful warrior’.

47. Paramjit:

To inspire your child to perform even better. Paramjit is a good name. is a good choice. It’s a reference to ‘the greatest achievement’. It also means “superbly successful’.

48. Pratap:

Pratap means ‘glory’.

49. Ranvir:

Ranvir is a very popular and well-known Punjabi name. It is a reference to ‘hero of the fight’. It also refers to a winner..

50. Rupinder:

For the beautiful baby you have, Rupinder will be a suitable name. Rupinder means “Lord of Beauty’.

51. Sanjog:

Sanjog is a distinctive Punjabi spelling for your little boy. It is a word that means “coincidence” and could be a unusual name for your son.

52. Supreet:

It is a synonym for ‘love’. Supreet can also mean ‘loved by all’.

53. Satyajit:

Satyajit is a popular Punjabi child’s name that translates to “one who defeats the truth’. It also means ‘victory over truth’.

54. Sukhwant:

Sukhwant is a synonym for ‘full of joy’.

55. Sanmeet:

The word’symmetry’ means “symmetry”. The name also has a different meaning”harmony”.

56. Tej:

It is a well-known name for all religious and cultural groups. Tej in the Punjabi meaning, is “light”, “power” and “brilliance”..

57. Tanvir:

Tanvir is a term used to describe ‘enlightened’ or “rays of light”.

58. Takhat:

Here’s another gorgeous Punjabi name that is distinctive. It is the word for “royal thorn” or “master of the empire’.

59. Utaam:

Uttam means ‘best’.

60. Upkar:

Upkar as a term refers to “favour”. It also means kindness..

61. Udaipal:

Udaipal is a reference to ‘fostered by the the rising Sun’.

62. Wazir:

The meaning behind”Wazir” is “minister”. Wazir means “minister”. The name is quite royal and isn’t found within all Punjabi family. Wazir is authentic and is often regarded for being among the top contemporary Punjabi names. It is a beautiful name and is perfect for a child of noble beginnings.

Best Punjabi Girl Names:

Below are some possible names to be used for the girls.

1. Armin:

Armin is a well-known Punjabi male name. It means ‘dweller in the gardens’.

2. Atmaja:

Atmaja refers to the ‘daughter from the heart’. The name is also used in Hinduism since it refers to the god Lord Parvati.

3. Antarpreet:

Antarpreet is a French word meaning ‘one who loves the light inside’. It is a modern name that is the most popular choice of parents.

4. Bakshi:

Bakshi is a different Punjabi female name which translates to “blessed”. Your daughter is sure to have your blessing!

5. Channan:

Channan is an uncommon baby girl’s name. It is a name that means “full of scent like sandalwood’.

6. Divyajot:

Divyajot is a Hindi word meaning “light of diya”. “Diya” is a term used to describe a lamp in the language of the region and is well-known by everyone.

Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

7. Divroop:

This is a gorgeous spelling for Punjabi girls. This could be considered to be one of the top names for today’s youngsters. It’s a brand new name as well. It has an appealing spelling to it too. People will love hearing your name. It’s among the most popular Punjabi girl names available and means “good beauty”.

8. Fajal:

Fajal means ‘accomplished’. It also means ‘pretty grace’.

9. Garima:

Another great name for your gorgeous newborn baby is Garima. It’s a word that means warmth..

10. Gunreet:

Gunreet is full of significance. It is believed that those with the name are highly motivated. They also tend as being creative and will be determined to put themselves in a large frame and have achieved their goals and hopes. It sounds like a great option for your girl’s baby. Isn’t it?

11. Gursheen:

Gursheen is a reference to ‘Guru’s pride’. The name is a symbol of the value of a child’s contribution for the entire world, and the fact that she will always be blessed.

12. Gurparveen:

Gurparveen is a Spanish word meaning ‘goddess of star’.

13. Hir:

Hir means ‘powerful’. It also refers to diamonds or power.

14. Harmadeeo-Kaur:

It is the Punjabi women’s name which is famous, meaning “beloved”. The name is beautiful and is perfect for the sweet little girl. It’s one of the top Punjabi names that girls can choose and nearly any girl can be able to wear the name. It goes hand with your positive attitude and can assist you to gain popularity during your advancing years. This is believed to be among the best and most well-constructed names that would fit an Punjabi girl quite effortlessly.

15. Heera:

Another name commonly used is Heera can mean “diamond” and “queen of hearts’. For all the newborn daughters Heera is a name that is sure to please you!

16. Harsleen:

Harsleen has a connection to religion. Harsleen means “who keeps in mind God and is widely employed by parents to refer to their daughters.

17. Jasmeet:

Jasmeet is a synonym for “famed”. It also refers to “celebrated” and “famous”.

18. Jaspreet:

Jaspreet is a popular name. Jaspreet is a popular name. Punjabi woman’s name translates to “one who is awed by singing praises to God’. Lord’.

19. Jasleen:

Another name that is common is Punjabi the name means “singing God’s praises in awe’. It also refers to ‘in the name of God as well as “abode of fame”.

20. Jusmeet:

You are looking for a unique name? This is the name for you! Jusmeet means “glorious friend”.

21. Kaur:

A popular surname Kaur is a Hindi word meaning “princess”. Kaur is frequently associated with names that precede it.

22. Kulwinder:

Kulwinder is a reference to ‘heroes from the clan’. It also refers to ‘the legendary warrior’.

23. Kushala:

Kushala refers to’safe happy’ and ‘expert’. The name evokes a lot of joy and optimism.

24. Lavanya:

Another term that refers to beautiful is Lavanya. Lavanya is extremely well-known as a name not only within Punjabi but in many other languages as well.

25. Luvleen:

Luvleen translates to ‘love absorbed’.

26. Mridula:

Mridula refers to’soft'”soft”, ‘tender’ and “gentle’. It is a contemporary Punjabi female name popular with a lot of parents.

27. Maya:

Another beautiful name in the vast array of Punjabi girl names. The meaning behind Maya is that Maya means “goddess”. It’s a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning behind it. The name is attractive as well.

28. Masum:

Masummeans”innocent”. It is among the rarest Punjabi girl names to come across. The name reveals the character of the individual, regardless of whether she can be innocent or not. Anyone can use this name because many people are aware of the meaning behind it.

29. Misphreet:

Girls would like to be recognized with this name. It is among the most sweet Punjabi name for girls and the meaning behind this word has to do with “sweet” as well. The name is suitable for the baby girl who is just as adorable like the namesake.

Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

30. Manpreet-Kaur:

Manpreet-Kaur’s meaning is “mind full of love”. This one is meant for the kind of baby which almost all Punjabi woman is.

31. Noor:

A elegant Punjabi baby name for a girl, Noor is a reference to ‘light as well as ‘angel’.

32. Navkiranjot:

This is a very rare Punjabi name you should have heard. The name translates to ‘novel lightweight victory’.

33. Naamsukh:

Another name that is unique is Naamsukh. It means “achieving happiness by the word naam’. Naam refers to ‘name’ in Hindi and other languages as well.

34. Preet:

Preet means ‘love’. It is used by all kinds of parents, and not only Punjabi parents.

35. Praneeta:

Praneeta refers to “led forward”. It can also mean “conducted,” ‘advanced,” or promoted. This word has many meanings, and is an appropriate option to name your child.

36. Palvinder:

Palvinder refers to “moments spent with Lord’. A different one to think of as a name, isn’t?

37. Premleen:

Another hint at the Almighty This name means “absorbed in the devotion of God’.

38. Ridhima:

Ridhima is a well-known Punjabi name for newborn girls. It means’spring of love’ , or “full love’.

39. Raveena:

Raveena is a synonym for’sunny’ or bright. In both instances it refers to the spreading of positive energy or light among others.

40. Ramnik:

Ramnik is a gorgeous Punjabi name for children that translates to “beautiful”.

41. RajdeepKaur:

Rajdeep Kaur means ‘best of Queens’. It’s a good name for your little girl.

42. Shana:

It is a contemporary Punjabi name meaning “praise,” “prayer,” or art.

43. Simran:

Simran is a Hebrew word meaning’meditation’ or ‘gift from God’.

44. Tripta:

Tripta is the word for’satisfied’ or’satis’. It’s an unusual one that you have never encountered.

45. Tavleen:

Tavleen is a reference to ‘engrossed in God’.

46. Tekjot:

Tekjot refers to a person who has the blessings of God’s light’.

47. Ujjalroop:

Ujjalroop is a uncommon and contemporary Punjabi name which means “a pure and beautiful person’.

48. Wahidpreet:

Here’s something you may have never heard of. The name is believed to be among the most sought-after names and in the same way it is one of the more beautiful contemporary Punjabi names. The meaning behind this name can be as stunning and as beautiful in its pronunciation. It means “unique love”.

Punjabi Unisex Names:

Many people prefer to give their children a gender-neutral name. If you’re one of them then here is an Punjabi names list to look over.

1. Aad:

You’ve heard of this name previously? Aad is the word for “in the beginning”. Although it’s a masculine name, it’s usually reserved for girls.

2. Balwant:

Another well-known Punjabi term is Balwant. The name translates to “full of power” or ‘impressive power’.

3. Chadda:

Chadda can mean “one born in the midst of a war’.

4. Chainpreet:

Chainpreet is a reference to ‘the person that is in love with moonlight’.

5. Chitleen:

It is a reference to being absorbed in consciousness’.

6. Dilreet:

Dilreet means ‘a lion’.

7. Erjot:

This name is very rare. It means “a new beginning’.

8. Gurleen:

Gurleen is a gender-neutral name meaning ‘one who is absorbed by the Guru’. Guru is a reference to masters and leen refers to absorb.

9. Hab:

Hab is a Latin word meaning love. It is also a very uncommon name that you will come across.

10. Jerri:

Jerri refers to “spear ruler”.

The Punjabi names above are some of the most beautiful Punjabi names for girls and boys. Nearly all of them are gorgeous, and some are extremely uncommon also. Have a look at them and choose the best name for your child boy or girl.