Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls With Meanings -

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls With Meanings

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names:  Popular Aquarius Names With Meanings

Kumbha Rasi (also known as Aquarius is the 11th Zodiac signification of the constellation. It can be recognized by its symbol, the water bearer carrying an oversized pot! As per Indian Vedic astrology, children born under the Nakshatras which include Dhanishta (3,4 Padas), Purvabhadra (1,2,3 Padas) and Satabhisham (4 Padas) are part of Kumbha Rashi. This article we’ll examine the best 60 Kumbha Rasi Baby names for girls and boys.

Before this, let’s take a look at the beginning alphabet that makes up this Rasi:

  • Dhanishta and Makara Nakshtram – Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge
  • Satabhisham – Go, Sa, Si, Su, Shu

(NOTE Note: The details related to Rashi initial letters can be different across Panchangams.)

 Latest Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius) Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

If your child is a member of this Rashi and you’re ready to name them in accordance with the Rashi rules Look for a name that is suitable. We’ve compiled a list of beautiful names for girls or boys and include significance, meanings, and fascinating details.

25 Best Kumbha Rashi Names for Boys:

Kumbha Rasi born boys are known for displaying traits such as physical strength, independence and an innate nature. To ensure the very finest of these qualities to your prince charming, choose one of these Kumbha Rasi names:

1. Gagan:

“Gagan,” as the name suggests, is “Gagan” is one of the most well-known names for Kumbha Rashi born boys. It originates directly from the Sanskrit word “Gaganam”, which means “sky”. The name is a symbol of immenseness, success and an elevated mental state.

2. Gaman:

Gaman is one of the Hindu names for babies that can mean many things. The primary meaning of the name”Gaman” is “journey”, and some people believe it could as one of the names given to Lord Ganesha.

3. Ganjan:

Ganjan is a distinctive name for Aquarius born boys, which signifies “exceeding” or “surpassing”. Ganjan is a symbol of victory, triumph and winning. This is an ideal choice for those from Dhanishta Nakshatra.

4. Geetham:

Geetham is a gorgeous name, which is derived from the epic Mahabharatha. The name literally means “the owner of Bhagavad Geetha” which is not other than Lord Krishna. Many people prefer the name for girls too.

5. Girish:

Girish is one of the Sanskrit word meaning “Lord of the Mountain” or Lord Shiva. It can also be written by the name “Gireesh”. The name is created by two words “Giri”, meaning mountain and “ish”, meaning Eeshwara or Shiva.

6. Govind:

In its literal sense, Govind can be described as “One who rescues the Earth”. The name was conferred upon Lord Krishna who was thought to be to be the supreme God or the rescuer of His Cows (called Gau) and Cowherds.

7. Goshant:

Goshant is a significant title for Kumbha Rashi babies, which is “peaceful” or “one with a sense of mental stability”. It has soothing energy that will help your child have a calm and peaceful life.

8. Guna:

Guna can be the Indian name for boys born in India meaning “good character” or “good virtues”. The name is frequently mixed with other words to create names such as “Guna Sekhar”, “Guna Teja” or “Guna Teja.

9. Gurudutt:

“Gurudutt” is a name that has been used for centuries “Gurudutt” has spiritual vibes to it. It translates to “Gift of the Guru”. The name is typically chosen from Hindus as well as Sikhs to honor their spiritual or religious teacher. It comes of Hindi. Hindi language.

10. Girik:

Girik is Girik is a Sanskrit term that is derived from the word “baby” for boys. It is a name that translates to “Lord Shiva”. The word originates from the word “Giri”, which means “mountain”. In translation, “Girik” means “One who inhabits the mountain”.

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls

11. Girvan:

Girvan is one of the Hindu Baby boy’s name that refers to “Language of the God”. It’s a lovely word to give your precious boys, who will develop to be soft-spoken, compassionate men.

12. Saathvik:

Saathvik is among the many names associated with Lord Shiva. It’s derived by the Sanskrit language, which is a synonym for “calm”, “virtuous” and “peaceful”. A lot of people believe that boys bearing this name tend to be more gentle compared to male kids.

13. Saahil:

Saahil is a wonderful title for Aquarius born boys that means “Sea Shore”. It is a name that symbolizes tranquility, serenity and eternity and a sense of optimism. It is also among the most well-known boy names used in India.

14. Saaketh:

“Saaketh” is one of the many names associated with Lord Rama who was named “Saaketha Rama”. The name is derived because of the town “Saket”, the capital of Ayodhya. A few people interpret “Saaketh” as the name of Lord Krishna.

15. Saneesh:

“Saneesh” is a nice name for boys who were who were born within Kumbha Rashi and has many interconnected meanings, such as “Sun”, “brilliance”, “light”, “shine”, “radiance”, etc. The spelling variation”Saneesh” is “Sanish”.

16. Sadgun:

“Sadgun” is a Baby boy name that means “virtuous”. It’s a word that is complex that is derived from two Sanskrit terms “Sath”, meaning Good and “Gun”, meaning “virtues”. The similar names can be “Sadguna”, “Sathgun” and so on.

17. Sushanth:

Sushanth is a lovely name for babies that has multiple meanings, such as “Quiet”, “Calm”, “Peaceful”, etc. Sushanth-related people tend to be regarded as peace-lovers.

18. Siddharth:

Siddharth is also known as Siddhartha is “One who has accomplished a Goal”. This is the name that was originally used for Gautama Buddha, who was the creator of Buddhism. Common names for this term include “Siddhu”, “Sids” and others.

19. Siddesh:

The term “Siddesh” is derived from the name of the Lingayat Saint who was referred to as “Siddheshwar”. Name itself formed of two words “Siddha”, meaning a saint who achieved enlightenment , and “Eesh”, meaning Eeshwara.

20. Siraj:

Siraj refers to an Arabic name for infant boys meaning “guiding lamp”. Siraj is a symbol of enlightenment, optimism, illumination and confidence.

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls

21. Subhash:

Subhash is an Sanskrit word that comes from two words “Su”, meaning good and “Basha”, meaning “wordS”. Thus, in the overall it means “one who has a good speech”. The feminine version of this name is “Subhashini”.

22. Suchit:

Suchit is an infant boy’s name that refers to “one who is sensible” or “intelligent”. It also implies the ability to think clearly or have good thoughts. The spelling variant could include “Suchith”.

23. Shubam:

A popular and commonly utilized names for baby boys in Hindi community are “Shubam”. It is a reference to “one who is lucky”, “sacred”, or “auspicious”.

24. Susheel:

Susheel is a wonderful name for boys who were who were born within Kumbha Rashi. It is a name with multiple meanings “good character” or “virtuous person”. It’s also ranked highly among the most popular names of Indian males.

25. Shanmukh:

“Shanmukh” is a word that means “Shanmukh” is considered to be one of the name of Lord Kartikeya which has six face. It is common to add additional words to forms like “Shanmukha Krishna”, “Shanmukha Sai” and so on. To blend several God name into one.

25 Best Kumbh Rashi Names for Girls:

Kumbha Rashi born girls are considered to have charming personality and are highly intelligent. They also have soft spoken personalities with a good sense of intuition and focus. To enhance these abilities You can choose one of these gorgeous names to call Kumbha Rashi born girls:

26. Gaana:

Gaana is a lovely name for girlsthat can mean “Song”. It is a name that suggests having a happy and harmonious life as do the notes of the melody of a song. But, if you decide to include”h” to the word “h” and make it “Ghaana”, it might be a reference to an African country rather than the initial meaning.

27. Geetha:

Geetha is an Sanskrit word that comes from the book ‘Bhagawat Geetha” which is sacred book for Hindus. Its literal translation of the term can be “Song of God”. Alternative spellings include “Gita”, “Geeta” and “Githa”.

28. Gunjan:

“Gunjan” is a lovely name for babies with an ethereal feel to it. The Hindi word meaning “humming of bees” and is popular among North Indian communities.

29. Gehna:

“Gehna” is a Hindi word meaning “Jewellery” or “ornaments”. It also signifies something precious and valued, similar to your baby girl. There aren’t any other variations of this name.

30. Gomathi:

“Gomathi” is a Sanskrit term that translates to “Beauty Queen”. It’s also named after one of the streams of India. It is possible to spell it “Gomathy” or “Gomati”, depending on what you prefer.

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls

31. Girisha:

“Girisha,” the term used to describe “Girisha” comes from Hindu mythology. It is a combination of two words “Giri” which means “mountain” and “Eesha” which means “Consort of Lord Shiva”. Thus “Girisha” means Parvati or one who lives in mountains.

32. Gunitha:

“Gunitha,” the word “Gunitha” means “one who is proficient”. It’s made from an ancestor word “Guna”, meaning “qualities”. It also evokes virtue and excellence. It also suggests talent and excellence.

33. Gunjitha:

“Gunjitha” is another beautiful name for Kumbha Rashi born girls meaning “humming sound of bees”. It could be an South Indian variant of the word “Gunjan” without altering the meaning.

34. Gyaana:

“The term “Gyaana” comes from the Sanskrit word “Gyaan”, meaning “knowledge”. “Gyaana” means Goddess of Knowledge or Saraswathi Devi. Some believe that naming their child after this food could encourage knowledge and awe.

35. Gurudevi:

“Gurudevi” is a Sanskrit name that translates to “Divine Teacher”. The name is derived in the form of “Guru”, meaning Teacher and “Devi”, meaning “Goddess”.

36. Saanvi:

“Saanvi” is a lovely name for Aquarius born girls. It is also extremely popular with South Indians, as the word is believed to be among the many names for goddess Lakshmi. The literal meaning behind this word means “One who will be followed”.

37. Saachi:

Saachi is a significant name for girls. It is a reference to “truth”. Saachi is a name that implies honesty, truthfulness , and the transparency of thought. It is an Hindi word, and can be translated as “beloved” and “graceful”.

38. Sadhana:

“Sadhana” or “Saadhana” is an Sanskrit named girl that is a reference to “performance”, “practise” as well as “accomplishment”. It is widely used in Hinduism as well as Buddhism religions.

39. Sahana:

“Sahana” is the modern baby girl’s name and is derived of”Sahanam,” which is the Sanskrit term “Sahanam”, meaning “patience”. It’s also the name given to the raaga genre in Classical music. The spelling variation of the word is “Sahaana”, which also is a little different in it has a its meaning and pronunciation.

40. Sahaja:

The word “Sahaja” means “natural” or “original”. It originates in the Sanskrit language, where the term “Sahajam” is used to refer to anything that is original.

41. Saina:

“Saina” is an excellent name for a baby girl that begins beginning with “s”. The sweet-sounding name is “Princess”. It comes in Arabic as well as Hebrew languages. It is an Indian name for the most famous badminton athlete “SainaNehwal”.

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names Boys and Girls

42. Samakhya:

“Samakhya” is a Hindu baby girl’s name, which translates to “name”, “Reputation””Reputation”, or “fame”. The name is suitable for female babies who are birthed in Kumbha Rashi or Sathabisham Nakshtram.

43. Shanaya:

“Shanaya” is a popular choice from the list of contemporary Kumbha Rashi babies’ names. It comes by the Hindi language, and it has many meanings, including “eminent”, “distinguished” and “the first ray of the sun”.

44. Sharini:

“Sharini” is a word that means “protection” “Sharini” means Earth. It can also refer to different meanings, such as “one who protects” or “one who guards”. If you believe your little girl is likely to develop into a fierce protector, choose one of these names for your daughter!

45. Sudeeksha:

“Sudeeksha” is a Sanskrit named baby girl meaning “good start” or “auspicious initiation”. According to Hindu belief, this name is believed as one of the names for goddess Lakshmi.

46. Simone:

If you’re looking for a name with modern and contemporary sound to it, consider “Simonee”. The Hebrew named name, which is derived from Hebrew, means “God has heard”. It is an ideal choice for parents who have Indian family members are in the United States.

47. Sumedha:

The Sanskrit word “Sumedha” means “one who is wise”. The word also refers to mental power, intelligence in thinking, intelligence and exceptional capability.

48. Surangi:

The term “Surangi” comes from the Hindi language, which translates to “colorful”. It is a name that symbolizes optimism, joy, and joy in the world. Therefore, if you wish your child to have a happiness, choose that name.

49. Supreetha:

“Supreetha” is another beautiful name for Kumbha Rashi born girls. It refers to “beloved” or “one who is loved dearly”. The name comes by the Sanskrit language and the most similar alternative name for it would be “Preetha”.

50. Sreshta:

“Sreshta,” as the name suggests, is “Sreshta” is from the Sanskrit language, which translates to “the best”. This is an appropriate name for babies who are thought to be the the epitomizes of perfection and their families!

5 Kumbha Rashi Unisex Baby Names:

If you’re looking for an appropriate gender neutral baby name to match you Aquarius born baby boy or girl check out these five names that are popular:

51. Giyan:

“Giyaan” is a suitable name for boys as well as girls because of the neutral nature of its meaning. It is a translation of “brilliance” or “radiance”. The term is widely used in Hindi spoken communities.

52. Saarin:

“Saarin” is a unisex name that comes by”Saarin,” a name that comes from the Hindi language, which translates to “one who is helpful”. There are no other variations of this name.

53. Shakthi:

“Shakthi” is a word that means strength and power “Shakthi” represents strength and power. It can be used for both the genders of male and female. There are numerous celebrities (both genders) using this term.

54. Shanthi:

A gender-neutral alternative that is used for the Kumbha Rashi born babies is “Shanthi”. To ensure it is specific to the gender of your choice it is possible to include suffixes such as “Kumar”, “Kumari” and so on.

55. Suri:

“Suri” is a nice name for babies and girls. It is a name that translates to “Red Rose” in the Persian language. Alongside its use as the primary name “Suri” is also widely used as a surname across many areas.

5 Kumbha Rashi Twin Baby Names:

If you’re blessed with twins, boy-girl or girl-boy Consider these suggestions for naming:

56. Garv – Gaurav:

Both terms “Garv” and “Gaurav” are derived in the Hindi language. “Garv” means pride, and “Gaurav” means respect. Due to their identical spellings, letters, and similar meanings, they are the perfect names for twin boys.

57. Garima – Gathika:

“Garima” means Warm,”Garima” is a synonym for Warm “Gathika” means song. When taken together, could convey what they mean by “a song that brings warmth to the heart”, which makes them ideal for naming twins for twins.

58. Saagar – Sagarika:

If you are looking for a twin boy and girl The set “Saagar” and ‘Sagarika” works perfectly. Both names share the word “Sagarika” as their root “Saagar”, which means Sea. The addition of”ika” to the end of “ika” lends meanings like “Sea current” or “one who is born in the sea”.

59. Saahith – Saahithi:

A different set of names for twins baby girls and twins are “Saahith” and “Saahithi”. Both names share the same term “Saahith”, meaning literature.

60. Shriya – Shravya:

For twins This set of names could be a great fit for them. “Shriya” means prosperous and precious, while “Shravya” means melodious. Incredibly, both words are linked to goddess Lakshmi.


We hope that you will find these names for Kumbha Rashi baby names useful. Feel free to add your own names or modifications to these names without departing from their original meaning. If you know of any other names with a unique meaning that are suitable for the children of this Rashi Please tell us about it.

Disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind that these names may be different in different cultures, countries and languages. Make sure you know the significance of the meaning of a name within your local tradition before deciding on the name for your child. Don’t rely on the information contained in this article since the information isn’t supported by extensive research or experts’ opinions.